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Original Logo Design Templates

Our library is refreshed daily with original designs and fonts. Our unique graphics are unparalleled with any other free logo design software. With GraphicSprings, we will help you create the best logo for you and your company!  

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Customize Your Logo Design

Graphicspings’ free logo maker is both simple and user-friendly. Our online editor allows you to easily create a fully-customized brand icon by editing graphics, text, and colors. Experiment with a variety of styles, layouts, fonts, and colors to best convey your company.

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Easily download your created image files once you are happy with your design. It’s just a click away. Files generated with our free logo maker are available in SVG, JPEG, and PNG format. 

Using our free logo generator is a simple 3 step process

Logo Design Simplified

Not artistically inclined? Don't worry, the software built into our free logo maker easily guides you through the creative process! GraphicSprings also offers Cusom Logo Design Services if you seek professional assistance. 

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Logo Design Tips

If you don’t have any graphic design experience, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some tips on creating an ideal image with our free logo maker.

1. Keep it simple:

Simplicity is not only key, but it will also help you stand out from your competition. Keep it simple and avoid heavy effects. Our free logo maker offers dozens of customizable features, but don’t overdo it!

2. Choose only 2-3 colors:

Using too many colors can be confusing and dilute your brand’s image. Smart color choices are critical in creating a professional brand identity.

3. Don’t use more than two fonts

Don’t use more than two different fonts for your logo or slogan. Furthermore, keep your business name short by avoiding unnecessary extensions to your company’s name.

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Once I start my download, what type of files will I receive?

JPG, PNG, and SVG. We also provide several different sizes & black and white versions.

Can I edit my design after my purchase?

Yes, you can edit your saved design after your purchase. All editing can be completed within GraphicSprings. No need for external software.

Can I apply for a trademark or copyright?

Yes, you can submit an application at your local patent office.

Can you help me design a custom logo? 

Our team of experienced graphic artists are on standby to help you create the perfect logo for your business. For only $149.99, GraphicSprings will provide your business with professional assistance. Order your custom logo design today!

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Love your site! Had great results with GraphicSprings ' business logo maker and was able to download different file types. I was hestiant at first but tried it for free and instantly got it. 

— Mike Babineau

I love the fact that you offer this service. I needed to create a logo quickly and have been stressing my brain trying to find programs to create my logo and I happen to find this which took me seconds to come up with the perfect logo.

— Susan Kirkey

Thank you thank you!!!! Great results with your online logo generator!!!! Despite little to no logo design experience. It's really a win-win since you can try it for free.  

— Karla Joy
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