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  • The Nine Types of Logos Most Commonly Used

    Posted on 31/03/2022

    Your logo is a very important part of how you represent your business to the world. Having a great logo can bring in clients and help you create an identity that people know and respect. Thankfully, there are many different types of logos to choose from when designing your own logo. These different logo styles allow everyone to have a unique and individual logo that represents their company well.

  • Four Main Groups that Different Styles of Fonts Fall Into

    Posted on 30/03/2022

    In the world of designing words on a page, there are many different font types available for use. There might be so many different types of fonts, however, that choosing one to use for your design can be overwhelming. The different styles of fonts can be broken down into four main categories: Serif, Sans Serif, Script, and Decorative.

  • Understanding What is a Logo and Why it is Important

    Posted on 30/03/2022

    Simply put, logos are the symbol that represents companies or groups. They can be the name in a fancy font, an icon, or both. Your company logo is just as important as your company name. People will learn to associate you with your logo. There are many professionals available to help craft a logo for your or you can create your logo.

  • Logo Colors That Go Together: Try These Color Combinations!

    Posted on 24/03/2022

    When it comes to branding, color plays a huge part. Where would McDonald's be if its golden arches weren't their iconic yellow? How would YouTube have fared without its white and red play button design? These iconic designs and their colors are just part and parcel of the entire brand as a whole.

    When brands choose color, psychology plays a big role. The chosen color or colors make people feel a particular way, even if it's just on a subconscious level. Though it might not seem as though companies have put a lot of thought into their color combinations but the opposite is actually true.

    With the most iconic brands out there, millions of dollars will have gone into the logo designs and a huge part of that time will have been on discussions surrounding the color.

    So what can we take from this when it comes to designing our own logos?

    Well, your brand's logo has its roots in the color you choose. Is it a pink and yellow, pretty design or a bold, green and black one? The colors that you chose give a message to your customers and tell them exactly what to expect from your brand.

    Now that we've delved a little into the inner workings of color psychology, let's explore some of the colors that go good together best to inspire your branding.

  • Monogram Logos: Create a Brilliant Logo for Your Brand

    Posted on 24/03/2022

    As is commonly said, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It takes around seven seconds for you to make an impression - and the same goes for your business.

    Your brand needs to create a great first impression. If you only have seven seconds to do it, your logo needs to be strong and powerful. That's where a monogram logo can help. A monogram brand logo is sentimental and simple. It conveys your brand's whole narrative just through a few digital pen strokes. A monogram logo design will emphasize your brand name and build strong connections with your audience.

  • Logo Design Software Programs for Non-designers

    Posted on 23/03/2022

    Whether you're a beginner designing your first brand logo or tweaking an existing logo, you might be looking for logo design software that won't break the bank. In our list of software logo makers, you'll find you can get creative and produce a quality logo really easily. Even if you want to outsource your logo design, you might want to have a play around with logo creator software to get some ideas on what you'd like.

  • The Best Superhero Logos

    Posted on 23/03/2022

    What do brands and superheroes have in common? Their representative, iconic logos of course. For both superheroes and businesses, a logo has to be memorable, easily recognizable, and impactful.

    For a superhero, their symbol or logo is essential since they often hide their face from public view. Instead, this design represents them and what they do and stand for. Super hero logos typically infuse the superhero's actions within the symbol so that whenever anyone sees it, they know immediately what and who it represents. These super hero symbols can be considered as the 'brand' of a superhero and what they stand for. For these characters, it's usually courage, strength, and power.

    In company branding and business logos, your design is just as important and is used in the same way - to represent a vision and purpose with an instantly recognizable image. Though your company might not be as exciting as flying through the sky in a red, blue, and yellow costume, you still need a memorable and noticeable logo design.

    So, without further ado, let's look at the fifteen all-time top superhero logos to see why they are so popular, iconic, and engaging.

  • The Starbucks Logo History

    Posted on 23/03/2022

    The coffee powerhouse that is Starbucks is hugely successful at what it does. Over the years, it's grown to be a global dominator for chain coffee stores. You can find more than 30,000 Starbucks stores in over 80 countries of the world. One part of the Starbucks success story comes down to the branding. The product, name, and logo design are such a success that they're recognized all over. When companies get their branding spot on, it's the brand that comes to mind when you need a service or product. For example, referring to tissues as Kleenex, all brands of vacuum cleaner as a Hoover, stick glue as Pritt stick, and Blu-tack as, well, Blu-tack! But, what about Starbucks? How did it start? What is the Starbucks logo history? What about the Starbucks logo meaning?

  • Blog Name Ideas: How to Choose the Perfect Name

    Posted on 23/03/2022

    If you've made the decision to create a blog, you'll know just how hard it is to choose your blog name. After all, the best blog names often mean the best search engine ranking. Your blog name is also an important part of attracting an audience so it's something that needs careful consideration.

    When you have a good blog name readers will want to engage and know more. In an ideal world, your blog title will tell your audience a little about what content to expect. Blog names should be researched well so that they not only appeal to potential readers but also so they are easy to create a brand from too. Don't forget to consider availability of social media handles and domains too.

    Having a blog is exciting but it's really easy to not know where to begin when it comes to naming it. That's why we've created this guide to choosing a blog name.

  • The Microsoft Logo - a History of Its Design Evolution

    Posted on 23/03/2022

    In a similar way to Google and Apple, Microsoft is one of the big guns when it comes to powerful tech companies. The majority of the world's seven billion people will, at some point, have used a Microsoft product, whether it's Word, Windows, Skype, LinkedIn, or an Xbox console. But did you know that Microsoft as a company has existed for four decades? If you're of a certain age, you might even remember some of the Microsoft logo history - or even the Microsoft first logo! Let's explore Microsoft logo change through modern history.

  • The Story Behind the Amazon Logo

    Posted on 23/03/2022

    What inspired the logos of today? How have they evolved? While some companies have kept hold of the very same logo they've always had, others have changed theirs along the way. So, what's Amazon's story? Let's take a look.

  • 16 Top Sans Serif Fonts for Your Logo in 2022

    Posted on 23/03/2022

    They're clean and simple as well as powerful, and it's due to these characteristics that sans serif fonts are the most popular and versatile fonts that exist. For most companies looking for logos, sans serif fonts are where they go because they're legible and clear. Here are some examples of famous brands that use sans serif fonts for logos:

    - Amazon

    - Jeep

    - Google

    - Spotify

    - LinkedIn

  • Our 15 Fall Color Palette Guide

    Posted on 23/03/2022

    The rich, earthy colors that fall bestows are what make the season such a gift when it comes to choosing color palettes. When we imagine a fall color palette, we automatically think of vibrant yellows, warm oranges, and deep burgundies. This richness of color at this time of year is an inspiration for many people. As summer comes to a close and we head to the cooler months, it's a perfect time to look for inspiration and explore new color palettes for your design ideas. In this article, we've introduced our favorite color palettes for the season. We've also discussed a little color theory to help you explore ways to design your own great color palettes. And, because we know how hard it is to choose from so many colors, we've provided some hex codes for our suggestions too. So, without further ado, let's explore GraphicSprings' 15 inspirational fall color palettes.

  • Thoughts About Green Logos: Benefits & Drawbacks of Green

    Posted on 22/03/2022

    Deciding on a logo is a big deal. What do you want it to look like? What color do you want it to be? There are many options out there that you will have to choose from. And you want to choose well. Your logo will represent your company and help to set you apart from everyone else. This is definitely something to put some thought into. If you are needing a different perspective throughout this process, be sure to ask a trusted friend or family member for their thoughts. You could ask them for ideas, what they think about your color choices, or your logo itself. For just the logo font, you will have to choose between script fonts, serif fonts, and sans serif fonts. There are many options out there and finding the right one for your company or group can really set you apart.

  • Lime Green

    Posted on 9/12/2021

    Lime green is a color that stands out. It is often used to represent summer with cool drinks, fun clothes, and unique advertising. On the opposite side, it is a color that content creators associate with evil such as Disney using it to surround Maleficent, Scar, Ursula, and more during their songs. DC often also uses it as an accent color for the Joker. The lime color is used by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons but overall, it is a cool color that stands out.

  • Lavender Hex Code

    Posted on 2/12/2021

    The human eye is able to see quite a few colors. One of those is lavender. It is closest to the color purple, but like pink, it is often given its own category. There are many different shades of lavender but each is a wonderful color. Many items are purposely colored lavender due to its lovely hue. Most of them are fabric objects such as towels, pillows, clothes, and more, but there are also lots of other items that are this color. Some color shades that work well with lavender are green, brown, orange, and blue.

  • Orange Color Code

    Posted on 26/11/2021

    Orange, the color of fall leaves, sunsets, caution signs, pumpkins, and more. It is an intense mixture of red and yellow. There are hundreds of named shades of orange that are used regularly by society. says that "Being in an atmosphere with orange walls or décor is thought to increase oxygen to the brain and encourage creativity and activate thought. Generally, people consider the color orange a warm, vibrant shade that exudes positivity and happiness."

  • Navy Blue

    Posted on 19/11/2021

    According to, the navy blue color first came from indigo dye. It became associated with the navy because the British Royal Navy used it in its uniforms, thus giving its name and setting the mood for it's common use. Since then, it continues to be used for important dress wear for all genders. Although navy blue is most likely not many individuals' favorite color, it is used for many things and in many ways. Some of these things include clothing, curtains, napkins, tablecloths, and other textiles. The navy color is also often paired with other colors to help them stand out such as on logos.

  • Colors That Go Well With Silver

    Posted on 12/11/2021

    Silver is one of the most versatile colors available. It is represented in the metals that we wear and use such as rings and silverware. It is also used as an accent color for fabrics, paints, cars, homes, furniture, and many other things. What makes silver so versatile? To understand that, you need to know what colors make silver. Silver is a combination of white and black. The regular shade of silver is right in the middle with other shades branching out along the white and black options.

  • Teal Color Meaning and What it Represents

    Posted on 4/11/2021

    The color teal is a beautiful combination of green and blue that is used for all sorts of things, whether clothing, electronics, or logos. While it is a pretty evenly split color between the two hues, people often associate it strongly with blue or green but not both. It was named after the Eurasian teal, a duck with a teal color around its eyes. While the teal color is not a primary color, its many shades are very popular and used a lot by the general public. Colors such as aquamarine and turquoise are considered shades of teal.