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  • Royal Blue

    Posted on 28/10/2021

    When planning and designing your new logo, you will have to decide what colors you would like to implement. One of the go to favorite colors for logos is blue. A few commercially well-known companies with logos that feature the color blue are Walmart, Lowes, Facebook, Twitter, Ford, and Pepsi. While there are many shades of blue, a fan favorite is the royal blue.

  • Best Tablet for Graphic Design

    Posted on 21/10/2021

    There are many tablets available on the market that can be used for graphic design and specifically, for creating your logo. Every graphic design tablet has different features that might make it better or worse for what you would like to do with it. Most tablets are designed to be used by creatives but there are specific tablets that are more specialized. Nearly all design tablets come with a pen or stylus but not all of them have a built-in screen. All of these features can make it hard to decide what the best tablet for graphic design for you is. When deciding what tablet is best for you, you should consider your budget, if you want a screen, how large you want the tablet to be, and what kind of pen sensitivity you would like.

  • 20 Examples of Best Script Fonts for Your New Logo

    Posted on 14/10/2021

    When creating your very own logo, there are a lot of choices that you have to make. One of those choices is what kind of font do you want to use? Once you have decided on a name for your company or group, you can decide how you want it to be displayed. While there are many popular options, one favorite category is handwritten fonts. A nice handwritten font can give the impression that your company or group is very down-to-earth and personable. Your font can tell a lot about your group and so you will want to be sure that you pick a good one. The font that you choose can be just as important as the icon that you decide to use. Make sure that your font not only works with the name of your group but also with the image that you would like to use. While a hand writing font is not good for everyone, it can be perfect for you.

  • What is Color Grading

    Posted on 7/10/2021

    In the photo editing world, understanding the answer to the question of what is color grading, is pretty simple. The color grading definition is the editing of color in a photo or video for stylistic reasons. Some examples of color grading are using specific color palettes for whatever purposeful reason, changing the colors throughout the media, or using limited or no color.

  • Famous Graphic Designers

    Posted on 30/09/2021

    Graphic design, in the form that we think of it currently, is a relatively new form of art. While painting and sculpting have been around for a long time, graphic design has only recently come into play. While it is a newer form, graphic design has been quick to take over a large part of our lives. You can find graphic design artwork in posters, magazines, book layouts, book covers, advertisements of all kinds, and much more. Because of this, most famous designers got their start as magazine designers. While there are a lot of influential graphic designers in the world, you can find the most famous graphic designers on the website Continue reading to learn about six of the famous graphic designers.

  • Character Design Tips

    Posted on 24/09/2021

    When creating a logo, you might be interested in having a character in your logo. When you design a character, it is important to design a good character. Your character can be anything you can imagine. From an animal to a person and more. Your character could even be an avatar of yourself. Keep reading to get some character design tips for your logo characters.

  • How to Choose a Logo Icon

    Posted on 8/07/2021

    Learning how to choose logo icons simply requires a little knowledge on what makes a good icon for a logo. Discovering how to choose a logo can help you take your company to the next level with a wonderful icon to represent you. When you choose icons, important elements to keep in mind are subject, style, and duplicity.

  • Logo Font Combinations

    Posted on 1/07/2021

    Have you always wondered how to pair fonts like a pro? Learning what logo font pairings work best takes some practice. When done well, logos with two fonts can look really great, stand out, and leave a good impact on the viewer.

  • Popular Brand Logos

    Posted on 24/06/2021

    Logos are the symbols used to represent yourself, your company, or your group. These days, everyone has them from every podcast to donut shop to school corporation. Some of these logos rise to the top as popular logos which is why lists of the top 100 logos are very popular. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most famous company logos.

  • How to Make a Logo in Photoshop

    Posted on 17/06/2021

    Logo designing has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that people have learned how to use Photoshop to make a logo. That's because Photoshop has only been around for thirty-four years. In the year 1987, Thomas Knoll created a program for greyscale pictures to be viewed on the Mac+. With the help of his brother, John Knoll, they updated the program to be an image editing one. This program entered the market in 1988. That same year, the Knoll brothers signed onto a partnership with Adobe. While Adobe now had rights over the program, they paid the Knoll brothers to continue improving it. The premiere Photoshop version was released in 1990.

  • What is a transparent logo?

    Posted on 10/06/2021

    A transparent logo is a logo that can be placed on any item, and only the logo, and not the background, shows. This is because this logo has a transparent background. You might be wondering, what is a transparent background? It is exactly how it sounds. A transparent background is a background that can't be seen in the final product. All large companies and groups throughout the Earth have developed this technique to make life easier on themselves. They figured it would be simpler to make the background a form of invisible rather than having to change the background color to match whatever the logo was going to be on.

  • Picking Your Ideal Logo Size for Prints, Websites, and More

    Posted on 3/06/2021

    When making your own logo, there are many things to consider in order for it to be successful. One of those things is the ideal logo size. What size should a logo be? How do you go about determining a good logo size? The best size for logos depends on a few factors. Where the logo will be located is a large factor. Your logo can be in any number of places and those locations just seem to be increasing. A relatively new and growing place for logos is on the internet. The internet holds endless locations such as websites, blogs, online stores, or social media sites. Another place your logo can be is printed onto an item. These days, you can get your logo printed on pretty much anything.

  • Tagline Logo

    Posted on 27/05/2021

    Tagline logos are a popular way to show consumers not just your logo but your message behind it. These logos with slogans, when done right, can appeal to your customer base and leave them with a catchphrase to remember you by. With GraphicSprings, you can create your very own tagline logo that represents your company or group best. With our logo design software, you can create your own logos with taglines. It is simple, easy, and affordable.

  • Making Emblems and Understanding Emblems Meaning

    Posted on 19/04/2021

    When you think of the word emblem, what comes to mind? Some might define emblems as a more prestigious form of a symbol or icon. To others, it could mean a token or logo. What is the meaning of emblem to you? To gain some understanding, continue reading to learn more about the definition of emblem and some classic examples of one.

  • How to Make Emblems

    Posted on 19/04/2021

    Before you learn how to make emblems, you have to know the answer to the question, what are emblems? There are many wonderful emblems throughout the world. These logo emblems help to represent groups of people through the use of words and images in a graphic design format. The most important part about making an emblem is the meaning or ideas behind it. Think of the Red Cross logo or the Superman symbol as examples.

  • Top Discord Logo & PFP Maker

    Posted on 31/03/2021

    Standing out on the Discord platform can be tough. The easiest way to make an impact and impress your friends and peers is to have a great Discord server logo. While some individuals might opt to start learning the basic elements of graphic design through taking a class or earning a degree, the easiest and best way to create an impressive Discord logo is to use GraphicSprings, a Discord server image maker.

  • How to Make a Simple Logo

    Posted on 29/03/2021

    The thought of being able to make a simple logo can be scary. Integrating text and graphics to represent a whole group or organization is a lot of pressure. Thankfully, our easy-to-use online logo design software, GraphicSprings, is available to make your simple brand logos come to life. Our program, GraphicSprings, helps you create your simple clean logo by providing a step-by-step process. Guiding you through the text, images, and finalization of your design, you'll end up with your simplistic logo in no time.

  • Twitch Profile Picture Maker

    Posted on 8/03/2021

    Ready to take your streaming account to the next level? Design your Twitch logo. A good Twitch avatar created through a paid or free Twitch logo maker will help represent who you are as a streamer and what viewers can expect from your videos. If you represent yourself professionally through your Twitch logo, you are more likely to gain viewers. While there are some creatives out there who are versed in multiple things, don't worry if one of yours isn't making logos.

  • Fortnite Logo Maker

    Posted on 1/03/2021

    From skins to characters to Fortnite logos, representing your individuality is very important, especially in the gaming industry. But with countless Fortnite logos filling up the internet for Epic Games' battle royale, getting your's to stand out amongst the rest is a real challenge.

    The basic recipe for any Fortnite clan logo is to have your team's name combo-ed with an image that represents your group. Simple, sleek, and unique and you've got a recipe for success.

  • What Makes a Bad Logo

    Posted on 15/02/2021

    Can a bad logo design ruin your brand's image? Yes, it most certainly can. People are fairly observant and rarely do any details skip their observation.

    A logo is the face of the brand, and as the saying goes, a first impression can most often be the only one you get to make. It is, therefore, all the more important to avoid logo fails that can dissuade your potential audience from interacting with your brand.

    Unfortunately, you will find the internet ripe with bad logo examples. As much as brands want to sway the target demographic with their logos, they end up doing just the opposite solely because of wrong choices and techniques.