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  • Rebrand Your Company Logo: Why You Should Explore Rebranding in 2015

    Posted on 8/12/2014

    Today’s general business climate is fast-paced and quite dynamic. Due to new information technology and marketing channels like social media, consumers are closer than ever to company brands and marketing efforts.

  • The Evolution of Popular Logos

    Posted on 10/11/2014

    Every successful company understands that logos are dynamic. As trends change, logo redesigns are necessary. Sometimes that means cleaning up a veteran logo; other times, it means rebranding entirely. Let’s take a look at the way 4 well-known companies have given their logos a healthy make-over.

  • 5 Tips For a New Logo Design

    Posted on 15/09/2014

    It's never too late to redesign your business logo, or create a new one at that. Even if you are not a designer, or lack artistic ability, GraphicSprings' simple, easy-to-use free logo maker give you the power to create a logo at the click of your finger. We understand the difficulties associated with creating new logos, therefore, we wanted to share some design helpful tips for your creative process.

  • 3 Tips For Designing an Industrial Logo

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Creating an industrial logo requires you to think a little bit outside the box. It seems like many industrial logos are very much alike, but there is a process of deciding what can go into your logo design that will make it stand out. If you take into consideration the colors, shape/form, and type of font for your logo, you will be sure to gain that brand recognition you are looking for.

  • Airbnb New Logo Design

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Airbnb, the Silicon Valley based travel sharing service, recently launched their new brand redesign. As part of their rebranding strategy, the company refreshed their website and introduced their new logo, known as the Bêlo. This new style instantly caused an uproar in the creative blogging community, sparking immediate, yet unwarranted publicity and anatomical banter about the new logo.

  • 3 Tips for Designing a Natural Foods Logo

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Natural foods products have skyrocketed in popularity recently, but the most successful brands do more than just serve the healthiest products. To make the biggest impact on customers, you also have to present appealing and memorable logo design. Here are some things to consider when you create a logo for your natural foods brand.

  • The Google FIFA Wold Cup 2014 Logo

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Audiences around the world are celebrating the FIFA World Cup 2014.

    Even Google displayed a series of new sports logos to commence the global tournament! 

  • The Art of Web Design & Typography

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Do you know the secret to good web design? There are many factors that play into developing a beautiful website such as color, layout, and imagery. The one aspect that most people overlook is type. Typography design is fundamental to the art of web design whether it’s for a corporate business or for your personal website. In essence, a website is really just text so it should be your first focus when designing online. Below are some tips to help you perfect the art of letter-based design.

  • Improving Your Facebook Business Page

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    The world of social media marketing is constantly growing. With sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, people tend to use media channels to make purchasing decisions. Today, most owners use Facebook business pages to advertise their products, build brand awareness, and engage with customers. In order to increase user experience to your Facebook business page, it is important that the visual aspects such as your profile picture and cover photo attract viewers. Since you already have relevant content, hundreds if not thousands of likes, and a successful stream of weekly posts, all you need to focus on is the art. A good place to start is with a company logo.

  • Ideas for Designing An Outstanding Art Logo

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    It is important to consider the creativity behind designing an art logo whether you\'re a simple hobbyist or running a professional design studio. The most important aspect of creating an artistic logo depends on the type of medium that you use. Determine the main purpose of your artwork, style, and approach before designing; true artists should always brainstorm and sketch out their ideas. A well-designed, visually pleasing logo will attract people to your work and keep them engaged with your craft. There are many ways of combining image and text. Below are some examples and suggestions for artists of all types.

  • How To Make The Best Massage and Spa Logo Designs

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Creating a massage therapy logo or spa logo design needs some creative thought to ensure it brings out a calming and relaxing feel to your audience. You want to make sure your spa logo will make your customers and audience remember you. This type of branding will make sure your company stays on top-of-mind when they are thinking about a spa. As a business owner of a spa and wellness center or massage therapy clinic, you may be busy serving clients. We have listed some main design points you can take into consideration when creating your own spa logo. We hope this guide will make the process of designing your own business logo as easy as possible.

  • 3 Sports Logo Design Tips for Inspiration

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Creating your own sports logo design requires a bit of creativity. What images should you use? Which font? Sometimes thinking about all the bits that go into logo design can be daunting. There are infinite design possibilities, but the hardest part is pinpointing what design elements to use. If you are a coach wanting to redesign your sports team logo or a business owner wanting to make a sports logo for your company, follow these 3 inspirational tips that will get you on the right track to creating your own logo.

  • Design Your Own Wedding Logo Online

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    A wedding logo is a great way to customize your wedding invitations, banners, and other decorations. As well as being a great addition to your wedding party, it is a perfect way to represent this new stage in your life and a deceptively easy way to make DIY invitations, menus, and thank you cards chic and personable. A variety of wedding blogs and journals will help you design your wedding logo, and there are websites that allow you to design wedding logos or monograms online. If you have a particular theme in mind, you can easily create a wedding monogram online that fits with the style and theme of your wedding.

  • 3 Tips for Creating Landscape Logo Design Graphics

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    What comes to mind when designing a landscaping business logo? Most environmental organizations use a number of design techniques to communicate their company\'s objective. Start with an earth-toned color scheme. Natural shades of green, blue, brown, and yellow have a positive connotation to environmental elements like plant and vegetable life, animals, sun, soil, and sky. A landscape company logo should also use organic, curved shapes like ovals and circles to represent leaves, flowers, and trees. Most landscape company logo ideas will include trees or leaves, but in terms of originality, the most creative designs will consider the less obvious aspects of nature. For example, a tree also has roots, bark, and fruit. Water is usually symbolized by a raindrop, but rivers, waves, and ripples are often overlooked. Furthermore, arrows and cyclical patterns can be used to convey sustainability or recycling. Ultimately, the logo should be simple, clean, and eye-catching.

  • 3 Tips for Designing a Hotel Logo

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Logos are an important part of a hotel's image and a good logo can go very far in communicating right from the beginning what your hotel offers. The hospitality industry can be extremely competitive, which is why it is essential for your logo to stand out from the crowd. The visual representation of your company can communicate unique selling propositions that truly set you apart from other businesses. A logo provides a creative space in which a hotel, motel or hostel may efficiently present what they promise as a brand, and leave the right impression on potential customers. Whether it be a motel or hostel, a clear and concise logo ensures that your goals are communicated effectively. If you want to embody characteristics of luxury, economy, or family fun, your logo is the best place to start. Below are three hotel logo design tips to help start the design process for your hotel logo

  • 3 Design Tips For Minimalist Business Logos

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Creating a company business logo is easier said than done. Oftentimes, business owners struggle with the complex design process in terms of using the best techniques, avoiding clichés, and aiming for something that is both unique and recognizable. Logo designs must be simple, clear, and communicate the essence of the company. The final result should be clean and free of any distraction. Some designers may push advanced design methods, yet the most impressive company logos are always the ones that are kept uncomplicated. In this case, minimalism comes to mind. Minimalist logo design is important because it eliminates irrelevant details and emphasizes the essential traits of the overall composition. Time after time, the most successful companies such as Apple, Shell, Nike, Target, and Google have implemented minimalist design in their business logos.

  • Logo Design Ideas for your Pet Shop

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Get a jump-start on your pet shop business by creating a store logo that can stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. Many big box stores in the pet industry, such as Petco and PetSmart, lead the market and can make business harder for you. Your business can win over pet owners, as well. As long as you have a unique selling proposition, are in a great location, and have great branding, customers will come. If you are starting a small pet business or already own an existing shop, creating a store logo that communicates your business is key. As a small business owner, you do not have to spend a fortune on re-branding. There are many custom logo agencies you can work with. You can also take some time and get a little creative. Design your own pet shop logo with an online logo maker for a design that is just as effective and memorable.

  • Tips for Creating an Overlapping Logo Design

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    A main goal for any logo is to make it as interesting and representative as possible to catch people’s eyes and communicate your brand easily and effectively. One way to make your logo interesting is to use overlapping design elements. This will allow your logo to remain on top-of-mind and stand out from your competition. We have listed some tips on what elements you can use and what the benefits are for using them.

  • The Flat Design of the Sochi 2014 Olympics Logo

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi start today and the world is abuzz on who will take home the gold. The design community has been joining the conversation, but with an eye towards the Olympics logo design. Flat logo design has been an emerging trend recently, and this year’s logo follows this trend.

  • Daycare Business Logo Design Ideas

    Posted on 20/08/2014

    Do you run your own daycare business and wish to market it further to drive more business? Start with the basics and analyze your branding. You may want to design a new daycare logo that better represents your family day care. Your logo is one of the most important visual characteristics of your business, because you will be using it for all types public documents to represent your company. Think about marketing collateral, such as flyers, brochures, business cards, t-shirts, and more. If you are planning on designing your new logo online, we will give you some pointers that can help you design your childcare logo with ease!