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3 Current Logo Trends: Minimalism and More

The power of a good logo is evident. If you see a pair of golden arches or a silver apple (with a telltale bite out of it) you automatically think of the company it has come to represent. Logos are more powerful and important than ever as more companies attempt to distinguish themselves from their competition.

Logo trends evolve rapidly. Companies are faced with the decision of sticking with the familiarity of their old or current logo or changing in order to keep up with the trendy appeal of emerging logo movements. Check out our past posts on big name companies like Google and Facebook and the implications of their logo changes.

Despite a constantly changing logo landscape, minimalism has staked a strong place for itself in recent years and for the foreseeable future. However, this doesn't mean that all logos look alike. Brands are always finding new ways to maintain their individuality. The current trends all revolve around putting your own unique twist on a minimalistic approach.

1. Simplification

It was Walt Whitman who said, “Simplicity is the glory of expression." This can apply to a number of things and logo design is one of them. Minimalism is one of the strongest current trends in logo design. Increasingly complex logos emerge as each company attempts to be unique, but often the simplest logos are the most eye-catching. Not only are these kinds of logos practical but they're purpose-driven.

Within the genre of simplification there are many sub-trends, from flat designs to line art to form simplification. These sub-trends share similar ideas and a goal of streamlining designs to get straight to the point (and avoid overwhelming customers and clients).

And it's not just new companies. Old, familiar logos are changing their look in favor of simplification. This can be seen with companies like Spotify and Arby's, both of which have changed their logos to a more simplistic, flat design in recent years.


2. Geometric

Other logos are making an impact by using the geometric shapes you learned so much about in your eighth-grade school math class. Shapes and symmetrical lines combine to create all kinds of designs or images. Sometimes these images can look boxy and overuse makes them look like something out of a video game. When done right they're an elegant and effortless way to express your brand.


3. Hand-drawn

In the age of technology, something as simple as a handwritten note is special. It's no surprise that companies are attempting to recreate that feeling with handwritten logos. This trend first became popular in 2016 and is gaining even more traction in 2017. Hand drawn logos feel personal. Distinct styles of writing can create a playful or homemade vibe that can't be achieve with typed letters. They have a charm and authenticity that creates a more intimate connection with customers.


Are you ready to try these trends for yourself? Get started with our logo design software. With it you can create your own minimalist logo – try the simplified, geometric, and hand drawn styles and see which one works best for your business. It's affordable and easy to use, so anyone can make a personalized professional logo.