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3 Design Home-Runs: The Best Sports Logos Around

Sports logos are pretty darn important. After all, they appear on team uniforms, fan jerseys, stadiums, and beyond. A sports team logo is part of a team's unique identity. That's why it's so thrilling to see sports logos that clearly had creative and careful thought behind them.

Eager to see some of the best sports logos design? From the NFL to the NHL to the MLB, we've collected three of the most unique and memorable sports logos. Check them out here. You'll never look at a sports jersey the same way again.


Not only do the Green Bay Packers have a staggeringly passionate NFL fan base, but they also have a great logo. Yes, it's simple—but sometimes simple is the way to go.

Designed by an equipment manager in 1961, the iconic “G" is even trademarked. Ever seen other sports logos with a similar design? (Think of the University of Georgia Bulldogs.) Yep, they're paying the Packers for it.

Inside scoop: Many assume that the “G" stands for Green Bay, Wisconsin. After all, that's logical. However, it stands for greatness. Who knew?


At first glance, this NHL logo seems well-designed. But if you take a closer look, you'll notice that it doesn't just have clean lines and a strong sense of symmetry. The Washingon Capitals logo is cleverly designed with hidden layers. Like the FedEx logo, once you see the intricacies of it, you'll never overlook them again.

The logo isn't just a patriotic bald-headed eagle. Below the eagle's head is the outline of the Capital Building. Ever notice that before? Plus, the eagle's wings create a “W" for Washington. Props for the inventive, original logo, Caps.


Classic logos can stand the test of time. Since 1987, the Minnesota Twins logo has remained unchanged. It pulls off the classic, all-American look well. With well-balanced text between the two fonts and the inclusion of the baseball, it's a model MLB logo.

But that doesn't mean it's totally conventional. There's a subtle underline under the “wins" in “Twins." It's a clever extra touch.


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If you're more excited about designing your own sports logo, whether that's a g sports logo or another design, you're in luck. Browse through our free sports logo templates and then try your hand at creating your own logo with the GraphicSprings logo maker. We're sure your design will be a winner.