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3 Design Tips For Minimalist Business Logos

Creating a company business logo is easier said than done. Oftentimes, business owners struggle with the complex design process in terms of using the best techniques, avoiding clichés, and aiming for something that is both unique and recognizable. Logo designs must be simple, clear, and communicate the essence of the company. The final result should be clean and free of any distraction. Some designers may push advanced design methods, yet the most impressive company logos are always the ones that are kept uncomplicated. In this case, minimalism comes to mind. Minimalist logo design is important because it eliminates irrelevant details and emphasizes the essential traits of the overall composition. Time after time, the most successful companies such as Apple, Shell, Nike, Target, and Google have implemented minimalist design in their business logos.

Below are some minimalist logos that exemplify core concepts for creating simple and effective designs.

  • Colors: Choose your color scheme wisely. Colors should be bold, contrasting, and convey a branded theme. For example, landscape or environmental company logos should incorporate earth tones.
  • Less Is More: Play with negative space. Implied lines and subtle inverts lead to extraordinary graphics.
  • Flow & Form:Use organic shapes that look natural in appearance. The foundation of the company logo should always be based on a simple shape form.

Take a look at some additional logos that exemplify minimalist design in our popular icons and new icons pages. Experiment with our free logo makerand see what kinds of logos you can come up with. You can always save your logo design, discuss with your colleges, and continue with it later.

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