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3 Effective Unique Logo Design Tips

In a world proliferated with businesses, you want to be seen as unique. To do that you need a unique logo.

It’s easy to both underthink and overthink when it comes to logo design. You don’t want to be boring but you don’t want to be complicated. What you need is a timeless, simple logo that tells the story of your business.

Your logo will help you set your company apart from others and give your brand an identity. Our three simple tips for unique logo design will get you going down the right path.

1. Timeless vs. Trendy

It can be easy to fall victim to current logo trends. They’re popular for a reason – they’re new, cool, and are great for drawing people in. The problem with trends is that they aren’t forever – eventually they’ll go out of style. And if your logo is based on an old trend, your business will seem outdated and irrelevant by association. So, when it comes to your logo, it’s a good idea to avoid trendy text and styling. Sticking to the basics doesn’t have to be boring.

Example: The last time Coca-Cola updated their logo was in 1940. It’s been 77 years and the company is a beverage industry giant with an instantly recognizable trademarked script logo.


Or consider Kellogg’s. While they most recently updated their logo in 2012, they’ve had a consistent and distinct style since the creation of the company in 1920.


2. Simplicity

‘Unique’ and ‘complex’ are not synonymous with one another. You don’t need an intricate logo to stand out from the crowd, you just need something memorable. Some of the best logos are a picture of simplicity. Use negative space to your advantage. Don’t get bogged down with an overdone design – keep it clean.


In 2000 FedEx changed their logo to what looks like nothing more than their name – but cleverly hides an arrow in the negative space created between the x and the e.


3. Meaning

Every good logo has a story behind it; great logos aren’t just thrown together. An idea or concept should guide your creation. The meaning can be hidden or obvious but must be present. Whatever you make, make sure it ties back to your brand

Example: The Apple logo has a “byte” missing from it. The original logo had a complex, old-fashioned look that was changed within eight years to the now well-known apple with a bite/byte missing. It’s changed colors a few times but the concept has remained consistent since 1977. It’s simple but perfect for the brand; it shows thought and reasoning.


Ready to get started?

Our free logo maker makes it easy to get the ball rolling. Keep it timeless, simple, and bring meaning to what you’re making. It isn’t easy, but these steps will help you on your way to make an utterly unique logo.