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3 Sports Logo Design Tips for Inspiration

Creating your own sports logo design requires a bit of creativity. What images should you use? Which font? Sometimes thinking about all the bits that go into logo design can be daunting. There are infinite design possibilities, but the hardest part is pinpointing what design elements to use. If you are a coach wanting to redesign your sports team logo or a business owner wanting to make a sports logo for your company, follow these 3 inspirational tips that will get you on the right track to creating your own logo.


Focus on the Sport

If you are planning on creating a baseball logo, soccer logo, football logo, basketball logo, or baseball logo, make sure you are using the balls that represent your sport. Focus on using the colors associated with the sport, as well. If you are creating a football team logo, use green and brown to mimic the grass and the color of the football. If you are planning on creating a baseball team logo, use red, brown, and white. The proper use of color will make sure your customers and/fans will know exactly what sport your logo represents.

Emphasize Motion

Sports are all about movement. Make sure you mimic the flow of the sport in your team logo. This can be tricky. But using various lines, color, and images can help with guiding your viewers towards a certain direction. If you are creating a soccer team logo, use an elongated triangle and a gradient to signal motion. If you are creating an extreme sports logo, use various outburst graphics to signal crashes and slams.

Use Bold and Strong Font

Sports team logos, especially extreme sports logos should have fonts that are bold, wide, and thick. Try not to use thin fonts and cursive fonts, because these tend to be used more for fragile themes. There are many fonts you can download from DaFont and Font Squirrel to use for your sports logo.

Try creating some free sports team logos with our free logo maker. As an instructor, trainer, or coach you can browse hundreds of free logo designs that will help you make your own sports logo quickly and easily. We have hockey team logos, tennis logos, football club logos, baseball team logos, baseball logos, and various other sports mean logos to get you started in the design process.

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