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3 Sports Teams That Rebranded With a Logo Change in 2017

A logo is one of the most defining aspects of a company's brand identity. In the sports world, team logos are splashed everywhere: on uniforms, promotional materials, and fan merchandise, which often lasts decades and holds deep sentimental value. So it's no wonder that a logo change for a sports team is a big deal. Fans and stakeholders want to see their favorite teams represented in a way that is just as iconic as the team itself. Several sports teams ushered in the new year with new logos: here are three that stood out.

1. The Los Angeles Chargers


The Chargers caused quite a stir in January when they announced their move from San Diego to Los Angeles. They caused even more when they changed their logo three times in 36 hours. Their first logo was widely mocked for its similarity to the Los Angeles Dodgers logo, so the team backtracked... and released the same logo in the new team colors: powder blue and gold. Finally, a more text-based logo was released, and it looks like this one's staying... for now.

2. Juventus


Juventus, the well-loved and incredibly successful Italian football club, also had a rocky start with their logo change this year. In January, the club moved from an iconic badge to a clean, more minimal design. Some dissent was to be expected: after all, Juventus has been around for nearly 120 years, has one of the largest fanbases in the world, and is a large part of Italian identity on the world sports stage. But the drastic change makes a lot more sense once you consider it as part of the club's larger campaign to move into the future.

3. The Detroit Lions


The Lions debuted a quiet change to their logo amidst the noise of the Super Bowl this year, unveiling an updated color scheme and font. The removal of the black border around the lion is subtle, but significant. It's part of a larger move to bring the logo more in line with the team's traditional Honolulu blue and silver colors, and similarly rebranded uniforms will be released in April.

Feeling like your logo might need a switch-up too?

Try our free logo maker! Think about the message you want your brand to send, play around with colors and styles, and make as many changes as you'd like. (Although, maybe not as many as the Chargers.) If you need help deciding on a logo type, check out our guide for small businesses.