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3 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Logo

There comes a time in every brand’s life where it becomes necessary to revamp the company logo. Think of Twitter, Google, Apple, Shell and Pepsi. For various reasons, companies should think about a logo redesign. Not sold yet? Just imagine a world where Apple never changed their original logo and the below image was on the back of your iPhone. (Would it even fit? Would iPhones be wider just to fit the logo? So many questions!)


Change is necessary. What’s also necessary? Giving your new design a lot of thought. Logo design shouldn’t be a guessing game—even if it’s your second (or third, or fourth, or eleventh) time redesigning a new logo. It requires research, brainstorming, and testing.

Here are three things you should consider before redesigning your logo.


If you’re considering a new logo, there are typically some clear reasons as to why this is a thought. Has your company expanded? Do you offer new services that don’t align with your old logo? Does your old logo look outdated and it’s time for a refresh? Is your company undergoing a larger rebrand and you want your logo to reflect this?

All of these are common catalysts for a logo redesign. Look to Uber’s dramatic redesign to discover their unique reasons why they unveiled a drastically different logo in early February 2016.

Think about why exactly you’re contemplating a new logo. Jot down the motives and think about why exactly they’re spurring you to look to a new logo design—this guides us into #2.


Once you’ve thought about what’s spurring your desire for a new logo, these reasons should correlate to new design ideas. For example, if you’re a former flower delivery company that now offers other gift delivery options, a solely-floral logo doesn’t make sense anymore. What about a logo that includes flowers, chocolates, and ribbons?

Of course, you should still keep in mind your company’s core values, mission, and personality. These features might be similar to when you created your first logo, or they might be incredibly different. Either way, these are all things to remember.


It’s important to take a look at your competitors’ logos. You want to make sure your new logo still stands out and doesn’t look like anyone else’s. What if a competitor also undergoes a logo redesign and their new logo appears pretty similar to a concept you had in mind? It’s always good to check them out in order to ensure that your new redesign is unique.


For more help, check out Ian Paget’s words of wisdom on what to research before designing a logo on Creative Bloq. You can also discover the five most important things to know about logo design here.

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