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3 Tips for Creating a Memorable Logo

Since logos are typically seen on marketing collateral, store fronts or websites, it is crucial to keep a simple shape that is easily recognized and remembered. You want your logo to make an impact and evoke positive emotion associated with your brand. Great brands such as NIKE, Apple and McDonald\'s are recognized around the world for their products and what they represent.

Whether you personally like Apple or not, there is no denying that their logo design evokes emotion and represents what apple stands for. Creating a successful logo can affect the overall success of your company. When creating your own logo it is important to understand what makes a brand successful and what makes a logo design memorable. Here are a few tips that will help you create your logo, whether that's with GraphicSprings' logo maker.

Keep it Simple

Our logo design creator allows you to design an amazing logo in a few easy steps. The graphics available in our database were designed by professional designers with brand recognition in mind. When using our editor tool you can add effects to your logo but be sure to limit the number of effects you apply. Having several effects applied to a graphic can make a logo look \"busy\" and difficult to recognize. TIP: Try using the drop-shadow function to lift your design off the page and make it stick out from the competition.

Set the tone

GraphicSprings offers thousands of graphics to choose from with categories based on 38 industries. Be sure to browse through several categories to find a graphic that is most relevant to your business. Keep in mind that your logo will tell the audience important things about your company. Ask yourself. What are your values? What services and products do you provide? Although your logo does not need to literally depict all of the products and services you offer, it does need to set a tone. A floral pattern might work well for a spa but not for a technology company. It also helps to choose colors that suit your business. Learn more about choosing the best colors for your logo here.

Make it easy to use

When designing your logo keep in mind that it will be used on any item associated with your brand such as product packaging, websites and print. Make your logo recognizable in any format. The NIKE brand mark is a perfect example, it is often displayed without any wording and looks as good on a billboard as it does on a sneaker. When you have a strong logo graphic you can easily use it in any format and maintain consistency throughout your brand.

Our tool allows you to create a logo that follows the guidelines of professional logo designers. Try our logo design software today!