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3 Tips for Creating Landscape Logo Design Graphics

What comes to mind when designing a landscaping business logo? Most environmental organizations use a number of design techniques to communicate their company\'s objective. Start with an earth-toned color scheme. Natural shades of green, blue, brown, and yellow have a positive connotation to environmental elements like plant and vegetable life, animals, sun, soil, and sky. A landscape company logo should also use organic, curved shapes like ovals and circles to represent leaves, flowers, and trees. Most landscape company logo ideas will include trees or leaves, but in terms of originality, the most creative designs will consider the less obvious aspects of nature. For example, a tree also has roots, bark, and fruit. Water is usually symbolized by a raindrop, but rivers, waves, and ripples are often overlooked. Furthermore, arrows and cyclical patterns can be used to convey sustainability or recycling. Ultimately, the logo should be simple, clean, and eye-catching.

  • Landscape Logo Colors: Select your color scheme for your logo wisely. Make sure your logo stands out by choosing bold and contrasting colors. If you have brand colors, be sure to use them. Your landscaping or environmental business logos should incorporate earth tones.
  • Negative Space: Consider using negative space. Subtle inverts and implied lines can lead to amazing graphics.
  • Flow & Form: Use organic shapes that look environmental and mimic nature. The basis of your landscape logo should always be grounded on a simple shape form.

Experiment with our free logo maker and see what kinds of logos you can come up with. Browse our hundreds of free landscaping logos. You can always save your logo design, discuss with your colleges, and continue with it later.

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