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3 Tips for Designing a Natural Foods Logo

Natural foods products have skyrocketed in popularity recently, but the most successful brands do more than just serve the healthiest products. To make the biggest impact on customers, you also have to present appealing and memorable logo design. Here are some things to consider when you create a logo for your natural foods brand.

1. Control your color. The draw of natural foods is that they are chemical-free and of the earth. Bright colors like pink and teal may catch the eye, but using muted blues, reds, greens and browns will go further to create an image of simplicity and health in the eyes of your customers. Be sure to keep colors low-key when using a free logo maker.

2. Find a sans serif font. Though it might seem as trivial as the look of your letters, using the right font in your logo design can go a long way in defining your brand’s image. Serif fonts portray class and maturity, but taking a different route could serve natural foods products more effectively. Sans serif fonts have a modern presence of simplicity that will enhance your logo design.

3. Describe your brand with an icon. There’s an array of health food lines out there. What makes yours special? If you have the best organic apples on the market, don’t be afraid to be straightforward in your logo design with an apple. If your products take a holistic health approach, choose a circular icon to communicate the complete healing of your brand.

Ready to create a logo for your natural foods brand? Browse our free food & drink logos and use our free logo maker to start coming up with ideas. Like your products, the logo of a natural foods brand should contain only a few components and be simple and straightforward.