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4 Awesome YouTube Channel Icon Designs

Video sharing is more popular than ever. According to Statistics Brain, YouTube invites over a billion users who watch almost 5 billion videos every single day.

Massively popular YouTubers are not only known for their engaging content and magnetic online personality, but also for their iconic YouTube channel logos. PewDiePie's “brofist" logo, for example, is recognized by millions of subscribers as the emblem of the YouTube star's community of “bros."

But you don't have to be a YouTube megastar with millions of subscribers to create a unique and well-designed icon for your channel. Take a look at these four up-and-coming YouTube content creators with awesome channel logo designs that are unique and memorable.

1. The Tin Can Brothers

Hailing from Los Angeles, the Tin Can Brothers is a sketch comedy group comprised of three friends Corey Lubowich, Brian Rosenthal and Joey Richter. Their video uploads are filled with hilarious parodies of vloggers, lip sync battles, slickly produced sketch comedy series and more. Oh, and they love moustaches.

The Tin Can Bros' simple yet memorable logo features the eponymous tin can adorned with the trio's signature fake mustachio. With a single absurd imagery, the icon represents the YouTubers' playful creativity while defining their name in an unforgettable manner.


2. Tyler G (aka DIY Tyler)

What one cannot buy, one must do without.

That's the sort of statement that Tyler G wants to disprove in his YouTube channel, where the talented electrical controls engineer showcases various tutorials on DIY home improvement projects. Ever wondered how to build a handmade staircase railing or a baby crib? DIY Tyler is your guy.

In the spirit of Do-It-Yourself, Tyler G's channel logo features handy tools such as nails, a protractor and a set square that make up the word “DIY." It's a creative logo that speaks to the innovative quality of Tyler G's YouTube content.


3. Freakin Rad

This group of video makers and special effects gurus makes freakin' rad live action short films that parody popular video game and movie characters. Their extremely well produced videos feature ridiculous yet fun productions like a longboard battle between Ironman and Captain America and Star Wars characters participating in off-road motocross.

The channel logo, which looks like a fairly typical gamer's icon, simply features stylized initials of the group surrounded by a hexagon. The blue-and-black color scheme adds a degree of complexity to the otherwise simple logo.


4. Long Long Honeymoon

Sean and Kristy Michael are an outdoors-loving couple who shares travel tips and camping product reviews while traveling across the country on their RV. Their YouTube channel Long Long Honeymoon, often referred to as simply #Loloho, features useful camping tips such as how to sleep in an RV and which generator to use for camping.

The husband-and-wife's channel logo is a simple outline of an RV with the names Sean and Kristy snuggly fitting inside. It's a cute representation of the loving couple's endless journey in their beloved RV.


Build Your Own YouTube Channel Logo

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