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5 Steps on How to Make a Good Logo

Your logo is a visual representation of your company; it is the face you present to the world. An attractive and well-designed logo can draw people to your company and keep them thinking about your product for days afterwards. Here are five steps on how to design your own logo.

1. Look at Some of Your Favorite Logos

What companies really stick out in your mind as having a well-designed logo? Write down the properties that make these logos so effective. Think about which of these traits you want in your custom logo design. Write these down.

2. Research Your Competition

Now you should narrow your field of vision a bit. Take a look at the logos of other companies in your field. Are there commonalities between them? What do they do well and what they do poorly? Get a friend to help out on this step. The more opinions the better!

3. Make Several Drafts

Here is the fun part. Using a free logo designer and your list of traits come up with several completely different designs. A good logo should be appropriate, memorable, versatile, and enduring, but most of all it should be simple!

4. Create Variations

Choose 3-5 of your favorite drafts and make several versions of each. Try changing the color scheme or the pattern. Title them using the logo name and the version number so you don’t lose track of them.

5. Choose your logo

This is often the hardest part. Out of all the logos you have to choose your favorite. It helps if you have a group of people to do this (the more opinions the better!). Using a process of elimination helps this go faster.

OPTIONAL: 6. Appreciate Your New Logo

Step back and admire your work. Think about all of the new business it will attract and how it will effect your company’s perception. Remember to update it whenever you need to.

There are several logo generators around the internet. We at GraphicSprings always strive to provide the highest quality and most current designs in our free logo maker software. Check us out for your free logo design needs.