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A Guide to Vet Logos and How to Choose One for Your Business

Everyone knows first impressions matter. That's why finding the perfect logo for your vet office or animal hospital is important. Communicate your key veterinarian values through images to make sure your first impression isn't the last.

Here's how to pick the right look for your new vet logo.

1. Show Your Animal Love

Your clients love their animals more than anything. A logo that captures a similar affection for animals is a great first impression. It promises gentle, empathetic veterinary care. These two graphics both accomplish this goal by using hearts, soft colors, and representations of caring hands.


2. Represent Your Patients

Your animal hospital or vet office likely serves many different types of animals. Representing that in your logo reminds owners of less common pets that you are a resource for them, too. Try including an animal other than a dog or cat in your veterinarian logo.

Tip: Personalize your logo by choosing fonts with personality, from formal to silly.


3. Go Abstract

Another option is a more abstract logo that does not depict any animals at all! Symbols with natural-elements or references to home or caring work well to represent pet care, making them good options for a veterinarian's logo. You can also choose to represent a notable feature near your building, or something else specific to your practice. Just make sure you choose something that feels inviting.


4. Emphasize Medical Expertise

Empathy and kindness are important to any pet owner, but so is intelligent care. Focus on your veterinary qualifications from that first impression by choosing a medical themed logo. Your clients will breathe a sigh of relief, knowing their pets are in capable hands.

Tip: Don't forget to add a tagline!


5. Know Your Team

No matter what logo you pick, choose one that represents your team. What kind of veterinarian are you and your colleagues?

If humor defines your vet office, you might love this wide-eyed cat graphic paired with a playful font for your logo.


Did you love one of these? All the images came from our personal collection, which you can access and customize for free right now with our logo maker. Then you can buy a high-quality download ready to use for your business.

For these and other vet logo graphics, look under the “animals and pets," and “medical and pharmaceutical" categories in the logo maker. You can also check out our veterinary logos category page for some of our favorites.