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All in one Rhythm

With the 2010 World Cup long over and the sound of the vuvuzelas now just a distant echo anticipation is building for the upcoming soccer fest in Brazil. With millions of recreational players and even more fans there is no sporting event bigger than the FIFA world cup. The quadrennial event celebrates soccer and cultures from all around the globe. Coming up this June, the eyes of the world will be glued to Brazil to watch the worlds best perform. Along with all the excitement come many economic benefits to the host nation and participating countries around the world.

As a logo designer there is perhaps no task more challenging than creating a brand for such a global event. Appealing to a diverse fan base while depicting the Brazilian "All in one Rhythm" motto takes creativity. Looking at the final logo design that was selected for Brazil 2014 many inspirations can be identified, all shaped in the form of the highly coveted Jules Rimet Cup.

When the Brazilian branding agency AFRICA was awarded the project to create the world cup emblem they found inspiration in an iconic photograph of three victorious hands together hoisting the world's most famous trophy. The abstract soccer logo also depicts the humanitarian notion of interlinking hands which is a popular logo design graphic for many companies (see similar logos here). Hands are often used as a welcoming and guiding symbol in logos that are common in community and non-profit industries.

Analyzing famous logos by reviewing the praise, critiques and inspirations can really help narrow down what to aim for in creating your own brand image. Using our free online logo maker allows you to explore various options and design several concepts until you find the perfect fit.

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