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​An Inside Look: World Renown Brands

Graphic design is a crucial element of marketing all across the world. Not only does good design grab the attention of potential customers but it communicates a company's tone and message. Many of the worlds greatest companies lead the latest design trends helping them capitalize on every visual interaction with consumers. Logo designs are the most critical design piece a company can invest in. All the most powerful logos are unique, memorable and timeless. Great brands incorporate their logo graphics in every piece of marketing material to reinforce their image and communicate their message. We have reviewed works of many amazing logo designers in the past. We have analyzed their logo's origination and studied their development over the years. MacDonald's, Pepsi and Toblerone are some of the most famous brands that managed to create internationally recognized logo symbols. Let's take a look at their stories.

The golden arches, perhaps the most symbolic brand icon of the american dream and capitalism. A simple shape that is memorable and easily recognized but still carries a deeper meaning. This simplistic shape represents the worlds largest chain of fast food restaurants in over 119 countries, serving 68 million customers daily. The franchise was started in 1948 but it was not until 1961 that the golden arches logo graphic was born. The original idea for the arches came from the architectural design of the first McDonald's franchise location. The buildings two half circles above the roof resembled the letter 'M' which inspired designer Ray Kroc to incorporate the arches into their logo emblem. Although slight alterations of logo design were implemented over the years, the golden arches always remained part of the design and helped build McDonald's consistent image. Perhaps the most interesting fact about this logo was the proposed logo redesign in the early 1960's. After several new designs were presented for the growing brand, psychologist and design consultant Louis Cheskin advised AGAINST making any changes. The reason? Cheskin believed that based on Sigmund Freud's theory, the gold arches symbolized a pair of nourishing breasts which caused a subconscious bodily reaction and made people hungry.

The Pepsi logo symbol is another one we would like to review in more detail. Another one of the worlds most recognized brands and equally as symbolic of globalization and the spread of american culture as the McDonalds logo symbol. The Pepsi-Cola brand was first introduced in 1898 and sold only in drugstores. The original trademark for the Pepsi logo was filed in 1902 but it was not until WWII that Pepsi developed the logo design we all know today. During that period Pepsi produced a new bottle cap that contained a red, white and blue swirl that became hugely popular and established itself as a patriotic symbol. Shortly thereafter the swirly symbol was the permanent mark for the brand.

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Switzerland has long been the home to numerous leading logo designers and illustrators. Their cutting edge designs have helped turn small swiss companies into some world renown brands. Much like Toblerone's chocolate recipe the company logo has a subtly hidden secret. Though at first glance the logo graphic appears to be a swiss alp, closer inspection reveals a stylized bear hidden in negative space. Very creative! But why a bear? Toblerone originated in the Swiss capital city of Bern. The city is home to the famous 'Bear Pit' where visitors can see bears living in a housing enclosure located in the eastern part of town.

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