20 Examples of Best Script Fonts for Your New Logo

1. Freestyle Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Created by Martin Wait in 1981 for the group ITC, this oldie but goodie is a classic. Freestyle Script represents a great start to the best script fonts. While it is very simple with its curves and shapes, it still provides humanness to the script font. It is featured in a few different locations. One of those is the May 2017 Popular Mechanics Geared Trail Edition. It is also featured on the cover of How to Sharpen Pencils by David Rees. Even though it was made so long ago, it continues to be one of the most popular script fonts. Also, because it has been around so long, it is already offered on most programs or it can be purchased online.

2. Kuenstler Script

By GraphicSprings.com

The Kuenstler Script was made by D. Stempel AG and Hans Bohn for Linotype. It was released in 1958 and is among the best script fonts. They created it based on Koch Antiqua by Rudolph Koch. This lovely script font is very classical looking with the added flourishes to each letter. This script font is featured on the cover of Grosz/Jung/Grosz by Brinkmann & Bose. There are many other places where this font can be found. It can also be purchased online. Use a search engine to look it up and find it.

3. Mistral

By GraphicSprings.com

The Mistral Script was created by Roger Excoffon for Linotype. He was attempting to create a true handwritten type and he was one of the first successful using the metal typeface in 1953. Although there are many things like it nowadays, Mistral was a first of its kind and it paved the way for what was to come in the world of best script fonts. Mistral has been featured in many places such as book covers, magazine covers, and more. Some examples of this are Cuban Fury poster: “Something happens when he hears the music," Knife + Heart movie poster, Sin Doll by Orrie Hitt (Beacon Books, 1963), and The African Beat by Art Blakey and the Afro-Drum Ensemble in 1962. You can find it online for purchase.

4. Blackjack

By GraphicSprings.com

Not much is known about the script font Blackjack. It has a smooth design with nice letter irregularities making it among the best script fonts. It was originally released in 2002 by Ronna Penner. Another extended version was released by Roger S. Nelsson in 2008. You can get a copy of it by searching for it on a search engine.

5. Hummingbird

By GraphicSprings.com

Created by Laura Worthington, the Hummingbird script font does its best to represent old-fashioned cursive penmanship. It was released in 2012. Worthington did a great job at representing the different changes with thickness and thins in the letters. She clearly demonstrates her ability to make printed words look handwritten making this font among the best script fonts. You can download your own copy of Hummingbird from the internet today.

6. Brody

By GraphicSprings.com

Inspired by 70's retro typography designs, this very new script font, released in 2022 by Joelmaker, uses very thick, curling letters. The design is very peaceful and calming to look at with letters that almost have a graffiti quality to them with how they are designed. This allows it to be one of the best cursive fonts. You can access this font script online by searching for it with a search engine.

7. Buffet Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Created by Sudtipos, the Buffet Script was “Alejandro Paul's 2005 interpretation of a 1940s lettering style by Alf Becker," as described by fontsinuse.com. Buffet Script was been used in the 2013 Our Energy Roadmap: Austin Energy Commemorative Book, Midnight Moon Moonshine labels, and in the 2012 print artwork 'Sing in me Muse' by Mike Kammerling. This script font has more of a gothic vibe but still follows through with great cursive work, looking as if a human hand created it making it among the best script fonts. You can get this script font online by searching for it through a search engine.

8. Colombine

By GraphicSprings.com

Colombine script font was released in 1991. It was created and based on the handwriting of Gudrun Zapf von Hesse. This script font has a lovely movement between letters as they glide from the left to the right. The uppercase letters have a heavier weight which finalizes their placement. This makes it among the easy-to-read cursive fonts. It is a very graceful script font that can be searched for on the internet in order to use it.

9. Allura

By GraphicSprings.com

Released in 2010, the Allura script font was created by Rob Leuschke. Fonts.com says that it was, “designed with advertising, display and package design in mind." The extra flourishes were added with designers in mind to give them extra flexibility. This script font does a good job appealing to the handwriting nature with good variation through each letter. Because of the features and elements, Allura is among the best script fonts. You can download it by searching for it through your preferred search engine.

10. Rampage Monoline

By GraphicSprings.com

Rampage Monoline script font was released in 2019 by creator Rian Rahardi. This script font has a vintage feel while still appealing to a more modern side with its round and curved edges. This makes it a great cursive writing font. Only the uppercase letters provide any sharpness and it isn't much. It is sweet and beautiful with the ability to look really good on cards, announcements, and other title areas. You can search for this script font online through a search engine.

11. Leisha Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Leisha Script font was released in 2019 by Kamaruddin Kamauddin out of Amarlettering. It has the perk of coming with over 250 plus glyphs. This script font is incredibly curvy and feminine. It unabashedly takes up space with its beautiful swirls. All of these elements help it to be among the great cursive font styles. You can find this font online through a search engine.

12. Ragazza Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Ragazza Script font was released in 2012. Created by Guille Vizzari for Latinotype, this script font makes use of more than 1,000 glyphs in order to create the very handwriting-heavy font and make it among the best script fonts. All the letters are large and swirling together to be cohesive but also irregular in a great way. Each letter stands apart from the others. This script font can be found on the internet for downloading.

13. Fancier Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Fancier Script font was released in 2011 by Jess Latham. This script font was inspired by past sign painters. Just as the painters used to do, the letters are very fancy and well done. They appear with the possibility of being handwritten but only by the best hand. Each letter is individual with its tilted curves but all the letters are cohesive together. You can download this script font from any search engine.

14. Remachine Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Remachine Script font was created by Mans Greback. While there is not much known about this script font, it nearly speaks for itself. It is full of life in an almost childish way. The medium strokes are curvy and full of fun. Each letter is very distinguishable from the other. All the uppercase letters are very wide, leaving space to open up their circular shapes. You can download this script front by searching for it online.

15. Glady Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Glady Script font was released in 2021 by Hendry Juanda of Letterhend. It is bold and fun with its thick letters and curvy edges, helping it to be among the good cursive font names. It would work great for event titles on papers or signs. You can buy this script font online through a search engine.

16. Sauber Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Sauber Script font was created by Michael Hochleitner and released in 2014. Originally made for the Saubermacher recycling company, it is now available to everyone. It is a fun script font with a wide curl on every letter, giving it a breath of life. This makes it among the popular cursive fonts. You can download this script font from any search engine.

17. Lavender Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Lavender Script font was founded by Blue Vinyl Fonts and designed by Jess Latham. It is one of the more simple script fonts we have listed here. However, the neat curls and embellishments on the uppercase letters add a nice touch to the typeface. This helps make it one of the popular script fonts. Even though the lowercase letters don't have much embellishment, you can still tell that they are part of the handwritten and script family. You can purchase this script font online through any search engine.

18. Thirsty Script

By GraphicSprings.com

Thirsty Script font was released in 2012. It is considered a contemporary script with a 'new meets vintage vibe.' It was designed by Ryan Martinson through Yellow Design Studio. Its unique look allows it to be one of the best cursive fonts. It can be seen in Red Velvet – Queendom (Girl's Version) album art, on the cover of The Road to Mexico by Rick Stein, and in the logo for Brewery Quarter in Cardiff. You can find this script on any search engine and download it there.

19. Ritts Cursive

By GraphicSprings.com

Ritts Cursive script font was released in 2014. It was designed by Olcar Alcaide through Eurotypo. Not much else is known about it. It is a thicker script font that has very little embellishment. What it does have is tiny connections between the lowercase letters, allowing it to easily blend with itself into a cohesive group. While it has fewer script elements than some fonts, it still gives enough individuality with its letters to look handwritten helping it to join the category of best in cursive. You can download this script font off of the internet.

20. Caballero

By GraphicSprings.com
By GraphicSprings.com

Caballero script font was released in 2011. This script font was designed by Swedish designer Bo Berndal through T4. He was inspired by Spanish handwriting from the 15th and 16th centuries making it among the best script fonts. That inspiration follows through as the script looks obviously handwritten with slight swishes of the ink at the edge of letters. You can download this script font online with any search engine.

Choosing Your Own Script Font

When creating your very own logo, there are a lot of choices that you have to make. One of those choices is what kind of font do you want to use? Once you have decided on a name for your company or group, you can decide how you want it to be displayed. While there are many popular options, one favorite category is the script or cursive fonts. What is a cursive font? These are labeled this way because it looks like they were handwritten instead of made on a computer. A good cursive font can give the impression that your company or group is very down-to-earth and personable, or perhaps fun and outgoing. Your font can tell a lot about your group and so you will want to be sure that you pick a good one because they each tell a different story. The font that you choose can be just as important as the icon that you decide to use. Make sure that your font not only works with the name of your group but also with the image that you would like to use and project to your audience. While a script font is not good for everyone, it can be perfect for you.

The great cursive fonts are fonts that look like they were made by a human hand using either a pen, pencil, brush or other instruments. It should have small mistakes and irregularities within it to help it seem more natural and less machine-made. Some of the coolest script fonts that you can find on the Microsoft Word program are Bradley Hand ITC, Freestyle Script, and Kristen ITC. These make good script font examples. Every writing program will feature at least one or more different handwritten fonts as an option for the user to choose. The best free handwriting fonts can always be found online. There is an almost endless variety to choose from.

Just as everyone's individual handwriting differs, so do the cursive fonts. They each have their own personal traits that make them unique and original. You might find that you are partial to one specific font over the other because it looks like handwriting you have seen someone use. When choosing the font that you want to use, it is good to make sure that is a realistic handwriting font, but also make sure that it is still legible. Some creators can get carried away making graphically cool fonts but they forget that they need to still be understood. When letters don't look correct, your name can get misinterpreted which can drive away business. The last thing that you want is to have to change your cool logo because your name looks like something that it shouldn't.

Overall, determining the best-handwritten fonts depends on your personal preference. A great way to narrow down to a single font that you want to use is to gather all the fonts that you are interested in and type out the name of your company or business with each of them. Eliminate the ones that you don't like the look of. Once you have your choices more narrowed down, you can show them to your friends and family in order to get more opinions. Other people might notice things about the fonts that you didn't. It might also make them think of things that you didn't consider. While it is good to seek others' opinions, know that it is still up to you to make the final choice because it is your logo. Once you have chosen, then you are that much closer to having your very own logo featuring a handwritten font.

Be sure to give color choice some serious thought as well. Not just for your script font but logo in general. To get you started, here are logo colors that go together nicely.

Designing Your Logo

Our program, GraphicSprings, offers an easy-to-use, affordable logo maker for you to create your logo through. In just three steps, you too can have the logo of your dreams. The first step is to add the name of your company or group. Keep in mind that you won't get to choose your font until the last step. In the second step, choose an image or icon that you would like to represent your group. We have a vast library of options for you to choose from. Either look through our categories or use the search bar. Once that is done, you are ready to edit and polish. Our logo maker allows you to edit nearly every aspect of your logo. You can change the color, font, rotation, and much more. You can also add additional shapes to your design. GraphicSprings offers some of the best script fonts which include Indie Flower, Dancing Script, Coming Soon, Montag, and Finger Paint. Make sure to look through them and try them out with your group's name in order to determine the best handwriting font for you.

After spending enough time on our logo maker and choosing the right handwriting font for you, your logo is complete. You can then purchase the best logo package that offers everything you might need to use your logo for in your business. These packages vary in price in order to provide an option and fit for everyone. The base package starts at $20. With every increase in package, you receive more. Some packages offer extras such as social media covers, multiple different files, editing capabilities, and stationery design. Be sure to visit our logo maker anytime that you need a new logo. We also offer many other fonts for logos if you want something other than handwritten. Enjoy your designing process.