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Choosing the Best Fonts for Logos

A great deal of thought goes into the font used for a logo design. Experienced designers most often use the chosen typeface as the basis for their work. However, carefully choosing the appropriate font and the general idea for a logo can be extremely time consuming. Do not worry! We have created a simple guide that will help you choose the best font for your new logo.

Choose a Font that Matches your Company Culture

Decide on a font that represents your overall company image and feel. Is your company part of an industry that is analytical, such as a law firm or IT company? Or does your company work with youth? Understanding your customers and your company image are the first things you should consider when choosing a font for your logo.

Match your Font with your Logo Icon

Pay close attention to the stylistic elements of you logo icon. Consider edges, lines, and textures. Is your logo icon angular or round? Are lines thick or thin? It is best to choose a font that complements the overall design of your logo. This will keep every element uniform with one another, thus projecting an overall professional look to your customers.

Choose Legible Fonts

Many fonts are easier to read depending on how it will be presented to an audience. Take into account where your logo will be placed and used the most. If letterheads and various documents are the primary places your logo will be seen by your customers, you can be free to choose a script font or other elaborate typefaces. However, if your logo will be used outside your building, then choosing a bold, clean font will be best.

Test out your Font

A great way to decide on the best font for your logo is to simply test a few out. You can first start off by creating a logo with a generic font, such as Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica. You can then pick a more elaborate font, such as Monotype Corsiva, Lucida Handwriting, or Cooper Black. Print each variation of your logo and hold it in front of you. This will give you a better idea of how it will look like in physical form. Using an online logo maker can help with this process. You can quickly make multiple logos and choose the final one for your business.

In essence, font choice is extremely important when designing a new logo for your business---more important than what business owners acknowledge it for. Take time and choose various fonts that you feel complement your business. You will reap the benefits if you take the time and effort in putting some thought into your business logo. Get started by dabbling with our free online logo software!