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Choosing the Best Logo Colors for your Business

Logo design is a challenging task that can be hard for most people to understand. When people look at a company logo, they generally do not analyze its colors or design. In fact, logo colors generate certain feelings and emotions that people may not even know about. Logo designers have a firm grasp of color theory and can select the best colors depending on the company and industry. One of the goals for logo designers is to create logos that successfully relate to and bring about certain emotions in customers to make a purchase or use a service. Clearly, choosing the best logo colors is not an easy task.

When new business owners consider what colors they want for their new logo, they need to carefully look at competitors’ logos and logos from successful companies’ in the same industry. Going through this process can provide inspiration and ideas on what colors they should consider using. Ultimately, selecting the best colors should not be a random task. In fact, it should be made decisively, with a clear purpose in mind. Fortune 500 companies take a great deal of time to effectively brand their company with sound use of color theory, and small business owners and entrepreneurs should be doing the same.

When deciding on the best color combinations for a new logo design for your new business, take note on what each color represents. According to a Huffington Post blog article by Brian Honigman entitled, “The Psychology of Color in Logo Design,” here is what each color represents:

  • Red evokes excitement, youthfulness, and boldness
  • Orange evokes friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence
  • Yellow optimism, clarity, and warmth
  • Green evokes peace, growth, and health
  • Blue evokes trust, dependability, and strength
  • Purple evokes creativity, imagination, and prudence
  • Gray evokes balance, neutrality, and calmness

This is a great guide for new business owners to get started on creating their new logo. There are many online logo generators that you can take advantage of. Online logo generators can take some of the burden and time off ones shoulders. So let your creative juices flow and don’t be hesitant on trying a few designs to see which logo design resonates with you the most. We personally like the Colorful butterfly logo on our animal and pets logo page. With GraphicSprings’ great logo color schemes and logo color combinations to choose from, business owners can create imaginative and effective logos that will represent their company for years to come.