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Does your Logo Need a Redesign? 3 Points to Consider

As companies stay in business over time, they usually change and evolve to better serve their customers. To continue to better serve customers and to ultimately make profits, companies will inevitably change—and so should logos. As your target market evolves, your company should evolve with it. This is the key to maintaining a positive brand attitude in the long term.

Here are 3 reasons to consider a logo redesign:

You’re Re-branding your Company

If your company is offering new products and has changed its focus to serve a different set of customers, your branding will need to change along with your logo. A logo that does not speak to your target market will not effectively sell and communicate product offerings. This can lead to a decline in your brand recognition. As you rebrand your company, be sure to take a hard look at your current logo and think of ways it can better relate to customers and represent your products and services.

Your Company has Matured

Your company has been in business for many years and is no longer a small start-up. During this growth period, your company probably expanded its services or the way it does business. The way your company is viewed changes as your company matures. Redesigning your logo can effectively keep up with your company’s character and main business objectives. A well-developed company deserves a well-developed logo.

You want to Reflect Company Culture

The way you manage your brand is important to maintaining a good brand attitude. It is beneficial to have your brand properly reflect your company culture and philosophy. Your logo should describe your company’s vision and reasoning for staying in business. Take a good look at your current logo. If it does not represent this, then you may want to consider redesigning it. It does not always need to be a drastic redesign, but a subtle one can be just as successful.

As you decide on whether or not you should have a logo redesign, remember that the best logos are memorable and representative of your company. Logo redesign will take time, but there are many resources that you can use to help you with the process. Reach out to local creative agencies or use an online logo maker.