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How to Make your Logo Stand Out

Logo generation is a tough business. Every company has some sort of logo and after a while all of them start blending together, especially when many companies use the same free logo generator or are constructed from the same basic templates.

As a business, you need a way to make your logo stand out from your competition.

So here are the steps to making your logo stand out.

1. Do something different

Seems like a no brainer, right? If your logo is too similar to another company's you're not going to magically gain their brand recognition. Rather, a whole bunch of people will just get confused and you might get slapped with a lawsuit. There's a reason nobody has silver arches.

You've got to get your logo generator to create something original and evocative of your brand.

2. Do something simple

Human beings remember simple things more easily. Your logo can be the most original thing on this earth but it won't get you anywhere if it can't be remembered. When designing a logo using a logo maker, take a page from the engineers. Use K.I.S.S. – keep it simple stupid (that last word doesn't apply to you of course). The more simplistic your logo, the more likely more people will remember it.

3. Evoke then Relate

If you're selling hamburgers you probably shouldn't have a cockroach as a mascot. Your logo should first evoke a feeling, and then it should relate that feeling back to your business.

Think about what you want people to feel when buying your product or service and then do your best to design a free logo that makes them feel that. Allstate wants to inspire trust and thus the clasped hands. Burger King wants its customers to feel like royalty, thus the burger king. By using this handy marketing trick you're bound to increase your traffic and profits. Good luck!

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