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How to Present Logo Concepts

Deciding on the new face for your brand is no easy task. How will your logos be received by your audience? Will your new brand colours evoke trust? These are important questions that you need to ask before deciding on your final logo. The best way to have your questions answered is to enlist your friends and family to provide feedback on your design. Be sure to provide some variations when presenting your free logos to weigh your options.


We recommend going with the industry standard of 3 concepts for the initial presentation. In many cases you will not get an overwhelming \"yes\" on any of the concepts so go ahead and create a variation combining the popular versions.


The layout and distance between font and graphic can make all the difference. Logos that are most often used on the web are best suited for horizontal layouts while centred and mixed structures work well for print. That being said, it is worth exploring different options with various layouts.


Should your chosen graphic not evoke the response you intended I suggest you put together a second and third design. Be sure to go with different styles that appeal to you.

After presenting your designs, experiment with variations of colour, graphics and layout. This approach will result in the most suitable logo design for your business.

Try it today by browsing our database of logo design graphics. Don\'t forget to save your work!