How to Use Trust Badges on Your E-commerce Store to Boost Sales?

How many times have we gone to a shop to buy things, pick what we want and place it in the shopping cart, but ended up abandoning it at the last moment? It could be because we do not have enough cash for the purchase, the price was exorbitant or we simply did not want to follow through because of a variety of personal reasons.

For online retailers or e-commerce business owners, seeing many cart abandonment is not good for their business. It can also lead to a drop in their SEO rankings. So, knowing what a trust badge is and the benefits of a trust badge will help greatly will be covered as follows.

What Is a Trust Badge?

A trust badge is a badge or seal that is placed at any place on your web page, preferably the landing page or checkout point. When customers see this badge, they trust your business more, and they do not have second thoughts about completing a purchase.

As e-commerce owners, it is often advisable to use a trust badge. Most people who have only recently started hearing of the use of trust badges wonder how it is beneficial. Below are the benefits of a trust badge for your e-commerce business.

Reason To Have Trust Badges to Increase e-commerce

There are many benefits of a trust badge on your website. Some of them include:


An increase in sales is a primary reason why you should use a trust badge on your website if you have not been using it. There could be reasons why a person you thought was a potential customer suddenly did not make that purchase. The primary one is that they feel that your website is not secure, hence, they cannot trust your website with their important bank details. So, one of the benefits of a trust badge is that you get to make more sales because you have made it easier for your customers to trust you, hence, they can go ahead to input their card details without worrying that they are compromising their data. The use of a trust badge on your e-commerce website is non-negotiable if you want people to trust you enough to input their card details on your site without worry.

Types of Trust Badges

If you have seen why you should use a trust badge on your website, you are probably wondering about the types of trust badges that are available. There are many out there but we will be discussing just a few.

Safe Checkout Badge

You get this safe checkout badge from the certificate authority from which you are purchasing your SSL (secure socket Lock) certificate. As the name implies, it makes your customers know that the checkout point of your website is secure and they have no problem with making a purchase on your site and leaving behind their card details.

One reason why you should use a trust badge that enhances safe checkout badge is that the information and the internet connection used to transfer it is secure. Your data is well encrypted and cannot be hacked by hackers. Seeing this safe checkout badge, your customer is rest assured, and you will help increase conversion in your business. You can choose a notable brand like Norton, Shopify, and PayPal for their safe checkout badge.

SSL badges

The benefits of using a trust badge on your e-commerce website are enormous. Looking at the benefits, you will be getting from it like the high conversion rate and more sales, it is only right that the SSL badges do not last forever.

As previously explained, SSL which is the acronym for secure socket layer helps to ensure that information that is being transferred has layers of protection that make it difficult for hackers to decrypt it. SSL badges comes with different types of SSL certificates. All SSL certs are now offered at fair prices, including low-priced single domain, cheap wildcard SSL, and affordable multi-domain certificates. A website owner is free to use it as needed.

A website that has no SSL badge has a warning sign attached to the URL, so anyone who opens your website will see it. A person who values their safety and privacy will leave after seeing that making you lose customers. Therefore, using SSL badges from different SSL certs will help to gain confidence of users. Since they do not last forever, try to update them each time it expires.

Accepted Payment Badges

When it comes to purchasing things online, we sometime wonder if the card we use will be accepted. Some sites only accept prepaid cards, others through PayPal, Venmo, etc. so, another way to use a trust badge is to include accepted payment badges on your website. With this, customers do not need to worry about it or not their payment method will be accepted which makes them not waste their time. Additionally, these badges are not usually so big or obvious; it only needs to be at the checkout point.

Third-Party Endorsements

You can display these badges more visibly compared to accepted payment badges. The benefit of this trust badge is that it instills trust and leads to more conversions. When your website has a third-party endorsement from Google Trust Seal or Better Business Bureau Accredited Business badge, you make it easier for visitors to your website to trust you. When they click on the badge, they can see your accreditation and reputation and it makes them trust your brand.

Money-Back Guarantee Badges

Many e-commerce website owners are skeptical about using this trust badge because they believe that it will be a loss. However, you should not be worried if your business is what you say it is. In addition, customers that end up asking for a refund are fewer than you would think. So, use the trust badge of a money-back guarantee. Make it visible on your website. You can also include a free trial that will make the customers who are skeptical about your service or product try your business and ultimately patronize you.

Final Thoughts

The benefits that come with using a trust badge for your e-commerce website outweighs the effort you will put into setting it up. Dedicate a few days or hours to do it, or ask a professional to do that for you. You can use all five of the trust badges or anyone you are most comfortable with.