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Logo Design Trends 2015

Even the most iconic logos change from year to year. Designers continually tinker, and different logo styles come into vogue. Don't get left behind! Help keep your logo up to date by paying attention to these 2015 logo design trends.

Custom Letterforms

As designers become more comfortable creating their own fonts classic typesets are becoming less and less common. Helvetica might still serve your purposes perfectly when compiling a written report, but when it comes to eye-catching logo design a beautiful, personalized letterform can help your company stand out. With a marketplace as crowded as ours it's little details like a unique letterform that can help your design stick in a client's head.

Dynamic Logos

Most famously seen in Google's ever changing homepage image, dynamic logo design is meant to stimulate a consumer's desire for novelty while reinforcing a brand's market presence. To take advantage of the trend towards dynamic logo design you don't have to totally reinvent your logo each time, even small changes in color or a single aspect of your logo can make it feel fresh! For an example, check out Hotel Koster's 2015 logo set below.


So if your logo is starting to feel a bit stale, or you've been wracking your brain for a way to improve your perfect logo design, dynamic logos offer a great solution. With our free logo creation tools, adaptive logo design has never been easier.

Black and White or Negative Space Logos

Sometimes less is more. Negative space logo design is simple, elegant, and cleanly displays a company's brand. Don't smother your logo in too many shapes and colors – simplicity is king. A great example of this is designer Alexander Johnson's new Moby Dick cover, which artfully integrates both a white whale and harpoon into its letter design.


For a more famous example of negative space logo design, look no further than Fedex's legendary “hidden arrow." These kinds of visual tricks reward scrutiny, and solidify the logo in a consumer's mind.


What do you think?

Eager to update your logo to match the trends of 2015? There's no reason to wait. Jump in and start using our free logo maker now. If you're particularly interested in this year's trend towards unique typography and simple logos, you can get a head start with our letter based logo creator.

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