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Logo Design Trends of 2013

In our fast-paced and ever changing society it is important to stay on top of the latest trends, logos are no exception. In 2013 many companies have made tweaks and changes to their logos to stay current with their brand. Much like fashion, trends in logo design tend to get recycled over time. After reviewing some of this year\'s major logo revisions we noticed the following trends.

Back to Basics

Several fortune 500 companies have made slight tweaks to their logos by stripping them down to their most simplistic forms. Motorola led the way by simplifying their logo even more and complementing the new style with flat colors.

Abstract Shapes

Simple and memorable shapes have always been the golden standard for professional logo design. This year we have seen several big companies reveal new logo designs using very flat and abstract shapes. Many use their brand marks in a organized geometric shape. Here are a few categories that contain flat and abstract graphics: Abstract Logos, Attorney & Law Logos, Accounting & Financial Logos.

Letter Based Logo

Another great way to maintain a simplistic shape for your logo is to use your company initials. Letter based logo designs have always been popular but in 2013 the number of these designs has risen significantly.

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