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New Business Logo Design Tips for 2014

A brand new year allows us the time to reflect on what we have accomplished and to deliberate on what we wish to achieve in the coming year. It is great to set personal life goals, but do not forget about your business. We recommend setting new business goals for 2014—be it offering new products, improving customer service, or rebranding your business. You can accompany your rebranding with a brand new company logo design. Making sure your business appears the best in the eyes of your customers and clients is important to maintaining a successful business.

Make your Business Logo Purposeful and Thorough

Your new company logo design should be unique enough that it can easily stick to the minds of your customers. A memorable logo can allow your brand to stay on top of your customer’s minds when they decide to make a purchase or sign up for your services. Read some tips on making your logo memorable. Secondly, your business logo templates should be easily recognizable without color. This ensures that regardless of where your logo design is used, people can easily decipher your business symbol. You can start a logo in black and white before adding color. Read our blog post on starting logos in black and white. Lastly, ensure that your logo is designed in vector format. Vector format logos can be easily scalable so that you can use them on your website, marketing collateral, and business correspondences without altering the quality of your design.

Learn from your Past Logo Design

Trying to come up with business logo ideas can be tough. To kick things off, examine at your old logo. See what design aspects most clearly represented your company and what elements did not. Ask your customers what they liked and disliked about your logo. Surveying your patrons can give you the most helpful information on how to improve your logo. Maybe you can alter your business logo by simply changing the color or the font and keeping the rest. Read our blog post on choosing the best business logo fonts for further information. Ultimately, your new business logo for 2014 should be superior to last year’s logo.

Whether you are making a new logo for your agency, office, firm or department, properly communicating your products and services is essential to your future success. Browse our free environmental and green logos and our free cleaning and maintenance logos. For more branding tips, take a look at Heidi Cohen’s blog on small business branding.