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New Yahoo! Logo: 30 Days of Change

After teasing us over the past 30 days with fresh logo designs, Yahoo! has finally unveiled its brand new logo. One word we would use to describe it: safe. Yahoo!'s first logo redesign was back in 1995, 18 years later, we were hoping for a more radical change that would represent the company in a contemporary light. CEO, Marissa Mayer, and her in-house designers were shooting for a logo that kept most of the old logo's design qualities while keeping it classic. They definitely achieved this “classical" look with their use of a solid color and distinctive typeface.

30 Days of Logos

An interesting thing to note is that of the 29 logos that were teased every day, none were the official logo. With varying baselines, x-heights, and cap heights, each logo presented was different from the next, which made going to the homepage an interesting pastime. According to Polar, an online polling site, the most popular logo was day ten's. That particular sans-serif logo was more blocky compared the original and had a contemporary, youthful look. We personally think that that logo was our favorite, as well.

A New Font for Yahoo!'s Logo

What is very interesting is that the typeface used for this logo is completely brand new. Yahoo!'s in-house design team took their creative minds to work and designed a unique typeface that would most represent their company moving forward. It definitely was a bold move on their part to create a unique sans-serif typeface just for their company. This helps create solid branding. However, not all companies can benefit from this. Using a well-know font can be just as effective. Ultimately, it depends on the goal of your company and the vision and personality you want to present to your customers.

We were using our own logo design editor and think that the best typeface would be in our Azrael font. What are your thoughts?