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The 3 Steps to Great Photography Logos

So your specialty is photography. While you have an eye for the perfect shot, you might need a little help creating a great logo for your site. Luckily we offer an awesome logo maker.

Use this guide to pick a graphic so you can get back to doing what you do best.

1. Match Your Style

When choosing a photography logo graphic, it's important to channel your photography style. Not sure how to define your style? Take a look at the questions below.

Is your style….

  • Ornate or simple?
  • Retro or modern?
  • Colorful or subdued?
  • Formal or playful?

Now you have a short list of descriptors. Maybe your list includes ornate, retro, subdued, and playful. Some may be more important than others. A potential logo graphic should fit with your list of descriptions to be a good fit for your business.


2. Choose the Content

Maybe you know to look for a colorful, modern logo but don't know what it should depict. There are three types to look for.

  • Show your subject

What's your niche? Convey who your clients are to capture their interest.

Do you specialize in pet photo shoots? Select a graphic with animals. If you shoot a lot of weddings, choose something romantic or flowery. You get the idea.

  • Show your tool

Sometimes the work you do is too diverse to be summarized by anything other than the tool of the trade. Cameras make for perfect photography logos.

You can choose from many different camera representations, from abstract to straightforward. Look back at the style description you created to remind you what to look for.

  • Show your personality

Focus on your brand personality by choosing an image otherwise unrelated to your business. This allows you to communicate the more elusive qualities of your business. Maybe it's time to tell the world your team is made of champions. After all, a graphic is worth a thousand words.


3. Be Transparent

Make sure your logo comes with a transparent background. This allows you to easily watermark photos you share online or previews you send to customers. GraphicSprings offers files with a transparent background for your design because we know how important that is.


Learn more about picking a logo for your small business.

Our photography logo graphics and customization options make it easy to create the perfect logo for your business. It's easy and free - try our logo maker.