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The Best New Logos of 2016 & What They Have in Common

The end of the year is the perfect time for reflection. Suffice to say, 2016 has a lot to reflect upon. Over the past year, many recognizable logos got a new look.

While that’s not unusual (remember the Google and Facebook rebrands of 2015?), it’s interesting to notice what each of these logo redesigns have in common. Let’s dive into 3 of the best new logos of 2016 and explore how they changed.


The popular app that makes everyone a photographer underwent a dramatic logo update. It went from a detailed, retro cartoon camera to a flat outline of a camera over a bright gradient. The camera shape got simplified down to its most minimal form. The new logo’s simplicity makes sense for the mobile app. It also reflects a broader trend of logos moving towards simplification.



Pandora transitioned from a traditional serif “P” and a two-color palette to a more minimal (sensing a trend here?) logo. The new sans serif “P” features a gradient that pops, like Instagram. The update makes it clear that Pandora plans to seriously compete with Spotify and Apple Music. Not only is the logo redesign better suited for an app icon, but it’s a blank slate meant for broader marketing purposes.



Full disclosure: Netflix didn’t release a totally new logo redesign in 2016. Instead, it unveiled a new icon used for the mobile app and other purposes. The classic Netflix logo is here to stay (for now).

The new icon features a fold-over “N” that gives the image depth. It moves away from the trendy flat design that seems to have overtaken so many logos—like Instagram and Pandora. Still, it’s simple letter-based logo that’s intended to grab your attention amidst a sea of apps on your phone.


Is the New Year the perfect time for a new logo?

Did these new logos of 2016 inspire you? Why not try a new logo for your own business in 2017?

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