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The Best Photographer Logos & What You Can Learn From Them

What do good photography and good logos have in common? An appreciation for balance, symmetry, and good design. Whether you're looking for a photography company or you work for a photography company, it's always vital to note the quality of the photography company's logo design. The logo design can be simple, ingenious, intricate, or straightforward, but above all, it should be well done.

Interested in seeing what the best photographer logo designs look like? You're in the right place. GraphicSprings has compiled a list of some of the best photography logos.

1) Heartfelt Photography


Heartfelt Photography is a Houston-area photography company that specializes in weddings. The logo incorporates a cute, clever image of a camera with a heart-shaped lens, invoking the company's name. The design also features a charming, lower-case font contrasted with a minimalistic upper-case font. All three components not only work beautifully together, but they also convey the love-filled events that Heartfelt Photography commemorates.

2) Ezra Millstein Photography


Ezra Millstein is an Atlanta, Georgia-based photographer who currently works for Habitat for Humanity International. In addition to his stand-out body of work, Millstein's logo design is clean, simple, yet memorable. The icon above the elegant, sans serif font is both a photo album and a camera. It's subtle yet impactful.

3) miShutterbug


miShutterbug is a full-service photography studio rental space based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The company's logo design is perhaps even cuter than the photos that families take of their children in miShutterbug's photo shoot space. The image is both a camera aperture and a ladybug. Paired with the strong serif font, the logo design as a whole is playful and unforgettable.


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