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The Best Startup Logo Designs & What Makes Them So Great (Part 1)

Startups aren't just trendy innovators in the tech industry—these companies also tend to have brilliant, memorable logos. You probably use many of the apps that these startups produce on a regular basis, but have you ever really paid attention to their logo designs? Check out the following startup logos and find out why they are so successful. PS: Don't forget to check out Part 2 of the best startup logo design series.


Dropbox's logo is clear, clean, and fresh. The strong sans serif font makes it clear that this startup is contemporary—but it's not too modern. With the simple icon of an open cardboard box, it reminds the viewer of Dropbox's file saving services. Overall, the logo is a great lesson in how balance should be utilized in a logo design.



Mint is a personal finance management app that makes tracking your budget easy. Its logo definitely conveys how streamlined Mint makes keeping tabs on where your money goes. With a cool lower-case sans serif font and an abstract image of a leaf, the logo design is modern and clean. The use of cool colors is important; the green obviously evokes money and the blue stripes on the right half of the mint leaf are perhaps reminiscent of a credit card. Intuit, the company that acquired Mint in 2009, is carefully included in the logo as well.



Postmates, an on-demand food delivery app, has perhaps the most playful logo of the bunch. The logo design features an imaginative image of a cape-clad boy riding his bike into the sky, stars trailing behind him. The image is almost ET-like; it makes you feel as if your dreams can really come true. And if your dream is to get Chipotle delivered to your home, then Postmates can definitely help you achieve that. The all-cap block letters below the image balance out the logo.



You may recognize MailChimp because it's a popular email marketing service application. (Or you might've heard the famous ads for it on podcast sensation Serial.) MailChimp's logo's font choice is simple, but not basic. It's playful, but not childish. The design successfully masters balance. Some variations of the logo do include an image of a chimpanzee mailman. We're fans of either variation.



Snapchat's logo design is interesting because, like Nike, it only features an image. There's no words, just a cute ghost icon. The widespread popularity of the social media photo sharing app makes this possible (and so successful). If you visit Snapchat website, the homepage is literally just a bright yellow background with a single ghost in the middle of it. The simple outline of a ghost evokes how the images, or “snaps," sent on the app disappear after a few seconds. Snapchat also changes the icon according to seasons or holidays. For example, on past Halloweens the Snapchat ghost has worn a festive witch hat. Not many brands can pull off a logo without text, but Snapchat can.


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