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The Best Startup Logo Designs & What Makes Them So Great (Part 2)

GraphicSprings is passionate about creative, unique logo designs. When a company’s logo demonstrates a passion for design and for their own mission, we’re sold. Startups tend to have inventive and creative logos. Why not appreciate them? Check out part 1 of our Best Startup Logo Design series here. Still want to check out cool startup logo designs and why they’re so great? Read on!


Scvngr was a mobile game where players complete challenges located around their city. Sounds awesome. Unfortunately, Scvngr was taken off of the app store in 2012. Still, Scvngr's logo was awesome. It's colorful, playful, and modern all at once. The abstract design, with its curving lines and circles, evokes a treasure hunt and a map. Scvngr's logo is fun, memorable, and lets the company's purpose subtly come through.



42Floors is a startup that assists other startups in finding and renting office space. How meta. While the "Floors" section of the logo's text is pretty simple, the "4" is what makes this logo stand out. The number looks like a high-rise office building, reminding the viewer what 42Floors is all about. It's clever without trying too hard, which is always appreciated.



Egnyte offers secure file sharing services for businesses. Even if you still don't understand the cloud (and no one blames you), you can still appreciate Egnyte's simple, elegant logo design. While most of the logo is a clean, all-caps sans-serif font, the "Y" makes it exciting. The red lines around the "Y" remind the viewer of something setting off sparks. It certainly sparked our attention.



Woof! No, this isn't Ryan Howard's startup idea from The Office. Woof is an app that helps people find the perfect pet to adopt from an animal shelter. First off, we love the startup's mission. Second, we love the logo design. It's simply adorable. With a simple outline of a dog over the "W" and a sweet motto underneath the company's name--"Put a Woof Over Their Heads"--we're sold. How many pets are too many pets, again?



Healthy Films is a startup that creates unique, engaging healthcare videos for companies like BlueCross BlueShield and WebMD. Once you see their logo, you know that Healthy Films is great at creativity. Their logo has a camera with red film reels forming a heart shape. The design is so well done that it definitely stole our hearts.



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