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The Google FIFA Wold Cup 2014 Logo

Audiences around the world are celebrating the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Even Google displayed a series of new sports logos to commence the global tournament! 

Unlike the original Google typeface, this logo is both animated and illustrated. The friendly new font personifies the letters as World Cup players and features a green and yellow soccer ball bouncing around the screen. Over the past week, the Google logo has changed backgrounds based on the competing cities. For example, the landscape above portrays a cartoon Rio De Janeiro, one of the many cities in which the tournament is taking place.

Certain details truly depict the most known attractions of Brazil: Notice Christ the Redeemer standing atop Corcovado Mountain and the towering Sugarloaf Mountain. There is also a rotating sun shining above a scenic cityscape. The Google World Cup logo versions are playful, fun, and inspirational to illustrators around the world. It shows that even a search engine has a creative side.

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