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The Logo Design Process

My name is Joe Fancy, I am a graphic designer with 15 years of experience working for award winning design agencies throughout Europe and North America. Today I want to describe what the logo design process looks like from a designers point of view and share a few secrets to successfully creating your own brand.

If you are reading this blog post you are already on the right track. You are running or starting a business and you realize the importance of branding which is the most important thing. Throughout the years I have worked with clients in a vast range of industries and learned a great deal about the logo design process.

It is important for business owners to understand a few things when it comes to logo creation. Designers are not miracle workers, they need you to know what your businesses mission statement is and what your company needs to represent. Think about what is important to you and what values you stand for. This will allow designers to a few important things:

1. It will help gauge what colour palette would best set the tone in presenting your message. Different colours spark different reactions and evoke different feelings. Be sure to choose the right colours whether you are designing your own logo or working with a logo designer.

2. It will make it easier to choose the right logo graphic when you narrow down your options to specific industries. Abstract logos allow for a broader range of interpretation in what the logo represents but selecting a design based on your industry will showcase what you do and help communicate your services concisely. I recommend their logo maker because it allows you to choose thousands of designs based on 40+ industries.

3. Having a clear mission statement will also allow for you or your logo designer to choose a font to match your graphic and your businesses core values. Much like colours, fonts play an important role in evoking the right emotions. Softer fonts and colours build trust and make people feel comfortable while stronger colours and bolder fonts (i.e. red, navy blue) represent physical strength and courage. Making the right choice for the font can make or break how your brand is received. You can edit colours and even add gradients using our logo design software

Having worked with thousands of clients in creating their brands I have learned what it takes to achieve the perfect logo. All successful businesses do one thing right and that is communicating their messages to potential customers. You need to quickly grab attention, build trust and look appealing. Making the investment of an professional custom logo is the best one you can make for your image.