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Tips on How to Make a YouTube Icon

Video content online is growing every year as more and more people gravitate to other media channels aside from the traditional TV. More people are making YouTube videos online to entertain, help people on a certain topic, discuss issues, or blog about their own personal lives. In order to bring people to your YouTube page, it is important that the visual aspects catch the eyes of your viewers (or potential subscribers). Since you have already built great content, have a large fan base, and have a successful stream of weekly video uploads. Now, you need to make sure your YouTube channel art and channel icon are eye catching.

Here are some tips to help you make a Youtube icon or logo for free:

Browse other YouTube Channels

If your channel is about comedy skits on current events, follow similar channels and check out how they are designing their profiles, do they have an eye catching channel icon/logo? Gather the top 10 icons and print them out on paper.

Sketch your logo

Sketch your logo out on paper. Take a look at all your top 10 channel icons from other YouTubers to get some inspiration. See which design elements mesh well with your content and which ones you think will speak to your audience.

Browse Logo Templates Online

There are many websites on the Internet that provide logo templates for design inspiration. Most are free, so take advantage of all the art that is available for you to make the best YouTube icon as possible.

Design your logo

Once you have an idea of your logo sketched out and/or in your mind, use a free logo maker online. They allow you to pick a logo template and design it however you want. The possibilities are endless, so do not be afraid that your logo will not turn our right the first time. You can also use GIMP, which is a free image manipulation program you can download online. This is very similar to Photoshop without the hefty price tag.

Once you are complete, you can upload your YouTube channel logo/icon and you are all set! Your channel art is important for growing your subscriber base and continuing to entertain your viewers for years to come.

Here is a how-to guide on how to optimize your YouTube videos directly from Google. If you need additional logo design ideas, check out these blogs from the design community. If you need additional logo design inspiration, check out the hundreds of logo templates from GraphicSprings, ranging from abstract logos to fashion and beauty logos.

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