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What Logo Type Is Right for My Small Business?

For small businesses, a strong logo is like a solid handshake. Oftentimes, your logo is one of the first impressions a potential customer gets of your brand. Nobody appreciates a weak handshake, just as no one is impressed by a mediocre logo.


If you have a fuzzy, outdated, or generic logo, it gives off the impression that quality isn’t all that important to your business. If you have a memorable, professional, and unique logo, your small business seems, well, memorable, professional, and unique.

Because your logo is a reflection of your small business, it’s oh-so-important to ensure that you invest the time into making it the best it can be. First, check out our article on the most important things to know about designing a logo. Then, think about what logo type is right for your small business.


Though you can break down logos into many categories, most agree that there are three main logo types.

Typographic logos are quite different from iconic/symbolic logos. Also called logotypes, the typographic logo takes the company name and makes it one-of-a-kind with a unique font and other design choices. The Disney logo is a perfect example of a typographic logo. It uses an easily distinguishable font (did you know it’s based on Walt Disney’s own handwriting?) and turns a name into something iconic. This logo type is highly recommended for small businesses. You can remind customers and potential customers of your brand name while still incorporating different design elements.

Iconic logos/symbolic logos are just what they sound like. They’re simple icons or logos that represent your business. They can be literal or abstract representations. For example, the Nike Swoosh is an abstract iconic logo. This logo doesn’t include the company name or information about their products, but it’s universally recognized anyway. While iconic logos can be powerful, they’re typically not the best choice for small businesses. That’s because it takes a great deal of money and effort into making an iconic logo recognizable for a large audience.

Combination logos use both icons and typography. They’re the most common type of logo since they incorporate the best of both worlds. From Adidas to McDonald’s to MasterCard and beyond, the sheer volume of combination logos shows just how flexible this logo type can be. This logo type is also perfect for small businesses since you can remind people of your brand name while incorporating a meaningful symbol that takes your design to the next level.


Good news. With the GraphicSprings free logo maker, small businesses can create iconic, typographic, or combination logos in a matter of minutes. Our free logo maker is affordable, simple, and makes it easy for anyone to craft a professional small business logo.