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What Should you Put on a Business Card?

Have you ever made that most important contact, and as they hand you their card, you find yourself exchanging your written info on the nearest napkin? This almost happened to me, but it didn\'t have to. There\\\'s no need to be caught without a business card when all you need is a printer, a business card creator with business card templates, and your contact information. \"Well, I have all those things already\" you may say. But your next step is figuring out the best information to put on it.

Here are some points that will help you figure out what you should put on a business card:

Start with the Basics

Your primary contact details are the most important information to place on your business card. If nothing else, your name, address, phone number and email are a premium and should be added. If you have a head shot, you may want to consider adding that, as well. It is always helpful to put a face to the name and be remembered in the future. If you have an online presence (or are working on building it), be sure to add your social media profile links and a personal website URL. Next, pick a design and Presto! Your new cards are ready. You don\'t have the design skills and you want something quick and easy then business card makers are the way to go. There are many online business card makers that have various templates and designs for you to select from.

End it with Design

If you do have the design know-how, but aren\'t too keen on the dimensions of different business card types, downloading business card templates are the way to go. Business card templates are beneficial because the overall design is created and you only need to add in your personal contact information. This is when you can design and add your business logo, background or images to your card. Insert your design in the space available, adjust if needed and print.

If you\'re looking for a professional looking business card, the GraphicSprings free business card maker is most certainly a good start in handing out a business card that will get you noticed.