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What to Add on a Business Card for Small Business Owners

If you have recently started a new business or entrepreneurship, make sure your business cards are up-to-date. Another great time to update your business card is if you have recently created a new business logo. Business cards not only serve as a source of contact information for your customers, but also as a networking tool to gain new business. In order for them to be effective, make sure that your cards are filled with correct and relevant information. We have made a list that we think are essential parts of an effective business card.

Here are 7 parts you should add to make an effective, good business card:

Business Logo and Business Name

Your company logo and name should be the largest design elements on your business card. Placing it on the upper right hand corner, upper middle, or center are ideal locations. Your logo will act as an anchoring point where the rest of your information will be placed.

Name and Title

Ensure you have your full name and business title on your card so that people will know whom they can contact. If you are a freelancer or are the only person in your company, this will serve to gain more prospective customers because they will know whom to contact directly.

Email Address and Phone Number

Since most initial communication comes from either email or phone, make sure you only have one of each so that prospective customers know exactly how to contact you. Ideally, your email address domain should have your business name (ie:

Business Address

Be sure to add the address of your physical business location so that customers know where you are located. If you work remotely, you can add the city or towns that you serve.

Website Address

Add your business website URL so that your customers can visit online for more information, or if you offer ecommerce—to make a purchase.

Social Media Links

Since both large and small businesses are becoming more relevant online, do not forget to create social media profiles and add those links to your business card.

QR Code

QR codes have been increasingly more common because of the popularity of mobile phones. Adding your company URL, Google Maps, coupon, or a link to your mobile app are all great links to add to your QR code. You can easily create a QR code with this generator.

Additional Design Elements:

Utilize Both Sides

Business cards are small, which limits you to the amount of information you can place. Adding information to both sides of a business card will allow you to be more creative and add additional information. Business card creator tools will allow you to use both sides.

Use Business Colors

Since you will be using your company logo, be sure to use your business colors or colors that will compliment your logo. You can play with different colors if you use an online business card maker. Learn more about using colors for your logo.

Add your Company Slogan

Since you will be using both sides of your business card, you can add your company slogan at the back so that you can make known your company goal or message. Use a business card template online to see where you prefer placing your slogan.

Now that you have all the necessary information needed to make an effective business card, give your skills a try with a free business card maker.