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Why Design Vector Logos For Your Business?

What makes a logo great? Of course, many design elements come together to make a good logo for your business. However, a great logo needs to be versatile enough to be used in any type of marketing collateral, such as banners, handouts, signs, websites, and more. Having a flexible logo that can be used almost anywhere will allow you to target your customers in a variety of channels.

We suggest designing your business logo as a vector image. Below is more information about the benefits of vector logos:

When using your logo on print collateral, vector logo designs will look much clearer than in any other format when rescaled. Since vector logos generally have a smaller file size, it will be easier to download and share the logo with others easily and quickly. Vector logos can be easily transferred from a letterhead to a billboard without loosing quality and becoming pixelated. Ultimately, you can scale your logo as small or as large as you need without dealing with quality and clarity issues.

When creating a vector business logo, be mindful of its vertical and horizontal dimensions. Logos generally should not be extremely wide or high because it will make it difficult to use in a variety of places and objects. Even though your logo may be in vector format, logos should not look stretched out or unnaturally wide. Your logo may need to be scaled small to fit on pens, cups, or receipts. A logo with a normal length and width ratio will work best in many types of layouts.

Try designing your free logo in vector format. As you create, remember to be mindful of where you plan to use your logo. So a logo that follows square or rectangle dimensions may work best. You will not need to worry about resizing issues any longer since the logo will be a vector file.