Why Start a Logo Black and White?

You're sitting there contemplating your company logo design thinking perhaps you have no idea where to start. Your head is full of a complexity of details such as colors, textures, fonts and how you're going to fit them all together. The easiest way when thinking about designing your own logo is thinking in black and white. This will allow you to focus on the overall shape of your logo, an important aspect to keep in mind before considering color and other design aspects. Above all, this prevents any misscommunication of your logo when on digital and print formats.

Outline Your Logo

If the creative process has you stumped, feather out your ideas with outlines and sketches. Don't worry about colors during this process. Working in black and white is much easier when fine tuning your logo's shape and font, forcing you to concentrate on the overall basics of the logo design.

Make Your Logo Versatile

Try to stay away from texture with a lot of details when designing a logo and make your logo white as a test. It may look good in color but when you find your logo black and white, those details can be lost or minimized. A logo detail should be definable during all aspects of the printing process, and even more so when it's in black and white. This will also ensure that your logo will be recognized in various print and online formats.

Now that you know the benefits of starting your logo in black and white, you are ready to use your skills on your own logo. Your ideas may already be doable with the variety of free logo templates online that we have available at GraphicSprings' logo maker. See--it can be as easy as black and white!