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Eyelash Logo Design Inspiration

To be the go-to provider in the eyelash business, you need a logo that will make customers take notice. Get a leg up on your competition by branding yourself with an eye-catching logo. If you are in the eyelash service or product business, we got the right logo design templates for you.

Create your very own eyelash logo with our free logo maker! To get started browse our collection of logos to see what's trending in the industry. From tinting, extensions to perming we got you covered.

Lash Logo Ideas & Tips

Find the Perfect Eyelash Logo Icon

Companies use a variety of different symbols to represent their work. For example, some may choose eye icons while others might opt for lashes and feathers or circles that reflect the shape an eyelash. You don't have to go as literal and choose a more abstract icon. Try lots of options and gather feedback before you finalize your choice.

Choose the Right Colors

Your color choice should be unique to you, while also standing out against the competition. You can go with pretty pastels or bold and bright hues that speak directly from your heart. Just make sure they're aligned not just with your preferences but your customer base.

Use the Perfect Font

The typeface you choose for your logo will have a huge impact on how it looks and feels. Script fonts are often used in playful logos, while serifs give classic styles an extra touch of sophistication. Another consideration is whether you will include a tagline along with your business name. If so, you need to find a font combination that complements each other well. With GraphicSprings you can easily try different fonts.

Select the Right Layout

For your logo to really stand out, you need a layout that looks good in all of its marketing mediums. This means paying attention not only when choosing fonts and colors but also how much space each letter or symbol takes up on the screen, and how they are aligned. Try different layouts, starting with traditional designs, and then try some outside-of-the-box ideas.

Proper Brand Implementation

Treat your logo like gold! Don't upload it if you don't know what the exact specs are. If the file type or size are not correct, then everything will look blurry. Make yourself familiar with the different specs for your website, email footer, social channels, etc. If you have any questions on how to implement your logo just ask our friendly support team. We offer high-resolution files in different file formats so your logo is guaranteed to look great. Now it's time to start designing eyelash logos.


How does your eyelash logo maker work?

Creating a logo with our logo creator is easy and only takes a few minutes. With our app, you can create a custom logo in a manner of minutes. To get started, simply enter your company name and tagline. You'll then be able to browse thousands of professional templates sorted by industry. Once you found a design you like you can easily customize it.

Where can I use my eyelash logo?

You'll be able to download your logo in industry-standard file formats. These files will allow you to use your logo across the web and print with confidence. All of your logo files will be high resolution so you can use them across the web and print at any scale.

Will I get source files for my eyelash logo?

Yes, source files are available. Once you are satisfied with your logo design you can download your logo in various files formats, including, vector file and other source formats for a fee.

Will I get transparent files for my eyelash logo?

Transparent files are highly popular and needed for the proper implementation of your logo across the web and print. Your logo will be available in PNG format for a fee. The PNG file is transparent, meaning it doesn't have a white background.

Is your logo maker free?

You can design unlimited logos and make as many changes as you need. Gather feedback from cofounders or loved ones and only finalize once you are 100% happy. When you are ready to launch your brand, you can access your high-resolution files for a fee at the click of a button.