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Jewelry Logo Design Inspiration

Jewelry logos are a big part of why people buy from your brand. With an attention-grabbing design and corresponding tone in voice, it's easy to see how you can excite anticipation for new pieces before they even come out.

How do you create an engaging logo? Spark your imagination with our collection of jewelry logos from brands in every size and style. Explore trending colors, fonts, symbols that are popular within this industry to learn best ways about using them for yourself! When you are ready simply click the button below to start your jewelry logo design.

Jewelry Logo Ideas & Tips

Find the Perfect Jewelry Icon

The right symbol can turn your jewelry logo into an elegant, high-catching edifice that communicates the unique look and feel of your brand's designs. Take your time when you browse our database of beautiful icons. Try different ones and see what suits your taste the best. Going for an intricate and elegant design is recommended as it will compliment your beautiful jewelry designs.

Choose the Right Colors

When designing your logo, think about what color palette best reflects the jewelry you offer. For example, playful and feminine pieces like bracelets look great in pastel tones such as pink or yellow. On the other hand, classic designs can be more effectively expressed through black-and-white with accents on orange hues. Make sure that any proposed schemes are original so they don't get lost among other companies' logos.

Use the Perfect Font

Luxury brands should consider Script and Serif fonts for jewelry logos. These families offer the same curving lines, detailed edges that make them appealing as logos for this industry. One thing to keep in mind is that they won't scale as well because they are so decorative. Try lots of different fonts with our app until you find the perfect fit.

Select the Right Layout

Your logo design should be simple and clean to ensure it looks good across a wide variety of print, web, apparel, and packaging. While you'll want your branding on packaging, don't forget that other marketing mediums will use the logos too. When designing yours think about what kind or layout best suits those different uses.

Proper Brand Implementation

A beautiful logo is important, but it's not enough. Brand guidelines and proper implementation can make or break how your brand comes across. Don't let this happen! Before you upload your logo anywhere online or sent it off for printing, make sure you understand the file type and sizing requirements. Ready to get started? Try our logo maker now and launch your jewelry brand today.


How does your Jewelry logo maker work?

Creating a logo with our logo creator is easy and only takes a few minutes. With our app, you can create a custom logo in a manner of minutes. To get started, simply enter your company name and tagline. You'll then be able to browse thousands of professional templates sorted by industry. Once you found a design you like you can easily customize it.

Where can I use my Jewelry logo?

You'll be able to download your logo in industry-standard file formats. These files will allow you to use your logo across the web and print with confidence. All of your logo files will be high resolution so you can use them across the web and print at any scale.

Will I get source files for my Jewelry logo?

Yes, source files are available. Once you are satisfied with your logo design you can download your logo in various files formats, including, vector and other source formats for a fee.

Will I get transparent files for my Jewelry logo?

Transparent files are highly popular and needed for proper implementation of your logo across web and print. Your logo will be available in PNG format for a fee. The PNG file is transparent, meaning it doesn't have a white background.

Is your logo maker free?

You can design unlimited logos and make as many changes as you need. Gather feedback from cofounders or loved ones and only finalize once you are 100% happy. When you are ready to launch your brand, you can access your high-resolution files for a fee at the click of a button.