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Free Political Logos

Start your free Politics logo by selecting a logo graphic.

Political logos have the potential to become either iconic or infamous. They can be memorable or instantly forgettable. Where your campaign logo falls in each of these categories can be a make or break moment for your political campaign. With the right design, you have to potential to see your logo on t-shirts and lawn signs for years to come.

Take for example some famous American presidential or congressional candidates from history. Most American political logos typically contain some combination of the red, white, and blue found on the US flag, and one of the few standard, safe type fonts. But those who have branched out of the typical formats have often managed to create an enhanced wave of cultural buzz — and when done right, it has been for their benefit.

So if you're looking to design a political logo for a political campaign, election, civic organization, or government committee, look no further. Whether you want to use your logo to make a bold or risky statement, or you would rather play it safe and professional, GraphicSprings has the right tools to help you get there.

GraphicSprings offers a wide variety of high-quality, vector format templates that will fit the needs of your campaign. We make it easy to customize your logo with various fonts and colors, and allow you to adjust your logo mockup until you are satisfied that the design suits your needs.

We know how tight campaign finances can be, so our logo maker tool is easy to use without requiring you to hire a graphic designer. You can select a template from our vast library, and tweak or adjust it until you are completely satisfied. What is more, all that is required is a one-time payment and you can have unlimited access to high-resolution files of your new political logo. The process is so easy, you can have your new campaign logo in a matter of minutes.

Explore our selection of political logo templates below, and start working on the perfect one to fit your message. If you want further customization or you do want the help of a professional graphic designer, you can also try out our professional custom logo design services.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or simply need something to get you closer to your vision for your own political brand, we have the tools that you need to make it happen. Trust us. With these templates and the GraphicSprings free logo maker, your political logo design will win in a landslide.