Shield Logo

Using a shield design is a popular choice for home security and cyber security companies. Use GraphicSprings to create your own shield logo in just a few minutes. To make the design process easier for you we have designed a set of professional security logo templates that you can easily edit. Select one of our designs and make revisions with our editor. It's that easy!

Creating a professional shield design is really easy with GraphicSprings' logo maker.

How To Create A Shield Logo

1. Choose Your Shield Logo Template

Browse our selection of professionally designed logo templates to get started.

2. Edit Your Shield Logo Design

Customize your design with our sophisticated shield logo design software.

3. Download Your Shield Logo

Once you are happy with your shield logo simply click download to instantly access your files.

Why use a shield logo?

A shield logo is the perfect way to show that your brand is strong and trustworthy. Plus, they look pretty darn cool. But how do you go about creating one?

Meaning of a shield logo?

A shield logo is a type of logo that features a shield shape. They are often used by businesses in the security industry, as the shield shape is often associated with strength and protection. Shield logos can also be used by businesses in other industries to convey a sense of trustworthiness and reliability.

Which colors should I use?

When it comes to choosing colors for your shield logo, you'll want to consider both the meaning of certain colors, as well as what will look good with the shield shape. For example, blue is often associated with trustworthiness, while yellow can be used to convey happiness and optimism.

Which fonts should I use?

The font you choose for your shield logo should be one that is both easy to read and conveys the desired message of your brand. Some good fonts to consider for a shield logo include:

Which is the best layout for a logo?

When it comes to designing a shield logo, there are a few different ways you can go about it. You can either have the shield shape be the main focus of the logo, or you can use it as more of an accent. You can also use other elements, such as icons or fonts, to create a more unique design.

What makes a logo memorable?

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your shield logo is memorable. First, make sure that the overall design is simple and easy to understand. Second, use colors and fonts that are easy on the eyes and won't be forgotten. Finally, try to use shapes and symbols that are unique to your brand.

Where can I use my logo?

Your shield logo can be used on a variety of different marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, and website headers. You can also use it on promotional items, such as t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Which files will I receive?

When you download your shield logo from GraphicSprings, you'll receive a ZIP file that contains high-resolution PNG and JPEG files, as well as a vector EPS file. These files can be used on both print and web materials.

Can I use the logo in print and on the web?

Yes! The high-resolution PNG and JPEG files that you receive can be used for both print and web projects. The vector EPS file can also be used for print projects, but it can also be edited in a vector editing program, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Can your designers customize my logo?

Yes, our team of professional designers would be happy to customize your shield logo. Simply click the "Customize" button on the logo maker and select the design elements you want to change. You can also add additional text or symbols to your logo if you'd like.

Can I just browse for logo ideas?

Yes! If you're not sure what you want your shield logo to look like, you can browse through our library of ready-made designs. Simply click on the "Logos" tab at the top of the page and select "Shield Logos" from the drop-down menu.

Can I download my logo instantly?

Yes! Once you've finished designing your shield logo, you can download it immediately. Simply click on the "Download" button and select the file format you need.

Can I use your editor without a design background?

Absolutely! Our logo maker is designed for users of all skill levels, so even if you don't have any design experience, you'll be able to create a professional-looking logo. Simply select the template you want to use and then edit the text, colors, and other design elements to suit your needs.

How does your logo maker work?

Our logo maker is simple and easy to use. Just enter your business name and tagline, then browse through our library of ready-made designs. Once you find a design you like, you can edit it to suit your needs. When you're finished, just download your logo and start using it on your marketing materials.