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Instagram Stories

Create Beautiful Instagram Stories with GraphicSprings

When you post to Instagram you need to make sure your content and visual are carefully crafted. In order to compete against all of the other Instagram stories you need to make sure you capture the attention of your audience, whether those are customers, your podcast subscribers or potential clients. Creating professional Instagram Story designs is really easy with GraphicSprings. Start designing your story today!

How to Edit Our Instagram Story Templates

Creating or editing Instagram Stories is extremely easy with our Instagram post maker. Our DIY graphic design solution was built so that even non-designers can create beautiful designs in just a few minutes. You can have your Instagram story design completed in just four easy steps.

  1. Launch our social media post maker by clicking the "Click Instagram Stories" button
  2. Browse our database of Instagram story templates or choose to create your very own
  3. Completely customize your design by adding your logo, brand colors, changing images, graphics and more
  4. As soon as you are happy with your design download it and post to Instagram

Why Our Users Love Our Instagram Story Maker

Our templates are professionally designed and our intuitive graphic design editor is incredibly easy to master. In just a few minutes you too can have a stunning Instagram story ready, what's not to love. Get started with your Instagram post right now!