Create a Beautiful Media Kit With GraphicSprings

Getting the attention of editors and reports isn't easy. They are getting swamped with news pitches and submissions all day. In order to stand out you have to make sure you developed and distribute a professional media kit. With GraphicSprings you can create stunning press kits in just a few minutes. Our media kit maker is 100% free and really easy to use, get started with your design today!

How to Create a Press Kit

Don't worry if you aren't very artistically inclined or not up on the latest software technology. You'll have access to our database of beautiful press kit templates and our web based graphic design editor is really intuitive and doesn't require watching any tutorial videos. Follow these four simple steps to start and complete your media kit design project today:

  1. Launch our DIY editor by clicking one of the "Create a Media Kit" buttons
  2. Go through our quick onboarding process and browse our press kit templates or start with a blank canvas
  3. Completely customize your chosen template or design by adding your logo and changing text, graphics, background colors, pattern, images and more
  4. As soon as your work is complete save and download

Why Our Users Love Our Press Kit Templates and Editor

Our users have created some stunning press kits with our web application. We receive nothing but praise for our intuitive press kit editor and professionally designed templates. Get started with your media kit today and come back to check out all of our other graphic design tools.