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Everything You Need to Know About Logo Design

With our easy-to-use free logo design generator, you don't need to have any design skills. There's no need to have difficult and complex software and a lot of time on your hands, all you need is an idea and it will come to life!

However, despite how easy it is to use our logo generator, you still need to understand the basics of great logo design to help maximize your brand effort, and create a unique logo that embodies the essence of your brand. We will go through several logo design strategies and basics, so let's get started!

The first step to developing great logo design is to understand the importance of a logo. A logo is the symbol of your brand. Typically it is the first point of contact for your potential customers and clients. It builds trust with your customers and increases brand awareness. The best logo design is one that shares these 5 traits or features: applicable, simple, versatile, memorable and timeless. It should also follow a 4 step process — but more on that later.


Ideally, someone should be able to look at your logo and understand it immediately. As you start to design and create your logo, identify your key messages and your slogan. If you don't have these already created, think of your objectives or the realm your business exists in. Then write down and revise these until you can clearly state what your business does or what they prioritize in one sentence. You can then attach either a picture, graphic or object that is related to that.

The next step would be to draw preliminary sketches or drawings. Think of a focal image that represents your brand. You can start with 20 sketches that are variations of the original ideas. Your creative spark will come alive as you envision alterations of all of your logo design.

You have to keep in mind that style should suit your company brand. For example, if you are a gym business, you would incorporate objects that scream “strong" whether that's a dumbbell, muscle man, or weight. Or a startup flight finder app, you can use a cloud, ticket or airplane. You can get really creative, but just need to make sure your preliminary logo designs fit your brand and are applicable to your field so that you don't have to go back to the drawing board after creating a logo.


Some of the most well-known brand logos are ones that are simple. Just like the Nike swoosh, to the Apple icon, simplicity is what people will remember. People only look at your logo for a short period of time, so it should not be complicated and straining to the eye. A simple design is preferable, and is still able to effectively express your brand personality.

A way that can help with simplicity is deciding on a scale of what design you would like to focus on the most. Is color an important element you want to focus on? Or is it a type of font? Or is it a shape of an object? Or a wordmark?

Having too many lines, colors, elements in your logo can create a variety of problems. It won't scale very well. A good rule of thumb is to check and see if it will look good in just black and white.


Having a versatile logo means you can use it in a variety of ways, shapes, and situations. If your logo can be used in only one large size, then it's not a very good logo design. This is because it limits your exposure to other mediums and formats.

Your logo should have the ability to be resized, printed and placed on documents, advertisements, merchandise, and more. This is where simplicity places a huge role because simplicity is dependent on how versatile your logo can be. If it is complex, then on a smaller scale it can't bring the results a great logo would.


Another important aspect of good logo design is that it is memorable. If you remember the goal of a logo, it is to create a connection with a consumer to gain interest in the brand. If the consumer can remember your logo and brand, the more likely they are to connect with your company.

The biggest factor of making a logo memorable is the colors that you use. Certain colors can evoke a certain emotion and show a brand's identity. Depending on where your business is located in the world, it can bring a huge significance because certain colors pertain to certain emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.

Being memorable is a delicate balance between visual and textual. A memorable logo design is one that is unique and stands out amidst your competitors.


You don't want to create a new logo year after year. You want a logo that will withstand the test of time. This is because you don't want to get clients or customers confused with your brand if it is constantly changing. You can reach a broader scope of people when you have a logo design that is constant. You don't want a logo design that fits in the trends of the day, but rather a logo design that is ageless and won't look outdated a couple of years from now.


With these 5 characteristics of how to create an amazing logo design in mind, you can follow this process to have an easy and smooth creation process on our logo generator.

Understand your objectives, key messages, and slogans.

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of the article before you begin any conceptualization, you want to create a brief of your objectives, goals, key messages and slogans. An important element is also to understand your target audience and what you think they would find enthusiastic in logo design.


Find examples of what you would like your logo to look like. Research your competitors and see what logo design they use and see if it has been successful. Don't just look for things that are trendy now, but will withstand the test of time. You can use our free logo design templates to see different formats that you can use as well!


As mentioned in the applicable section, the third step to the process of great logo design would be sketching and conceptualizing variations and alterations to ideas, so you can find the best option for you! Instead of sketching on paper, you can also mess around on our logo generator and find variations and different designs that way!


Once you have found the variation that you would like, you can revise it and work with others to make sure it is exactly how you would like it to be. Once you have completed your logo, you can download it and start using it!

You can see that there are some elements that need to be included, as well as the process in which you can create a quality logo design for your company. Here at Graphic Springs, we make logo design free and easy, without the potentially high cost of hiring a graphic designer. You can be your own brand designer, and create a professional logo design that can influence and revolutionize the way people view your company.